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Here Are 3 Natural Dyeing Techniques You’ll Learn from Our Fashion Courses in Nagpur

We all have that favourite dress which never become old for us. Although we might have worn them for years, we don’t want to throw them. But what happens if these pieces get accidentally stained?

With its Dress Designing Course in Nagpur, Hamstech Online Courses brings to you new techniques through which you can give a new look to your old garments using natural dyeing techniques. Through this course, you can learn all about the different dyeing, printing and hand painting methods.

Here are 3 organic dyeing techniques that you’ll learn from our Online Fashion Courses in Nagpur. Check them out:

1. Turmeric Dyeing

This is an effective technique of giving a lovely yellow colour to your garments. Be a part of our Fashion Designing Course in Nagpur and learn the different ways to enhance your garments with turmeric.

2. Coffee/Tea Dyeing

Using tea and coffee for dyeing is an age-old technique to give an artistic rusted touch to your garments. Join our Online Fashion Classes in Nagpur to learn about all the unique ways to beautify fabric using this organic material.

3. Beetroot Dyeing

Beetroot can be used to dye your garments in lovely shades of pink. Our Online Fashion Courses with Certificate in Nagpur will teach you to give a new look to fabric using beetroot.

Apart from these, you will learn many other organic dyeing techniques from our creative courses. Enrol in your favourite course today and get your skills recognised by the government of India through NSDC.

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