Hand Embroidery Stitches You Must Know!

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For the longest time, hand embroidery has been both a hobby and a profession. Creating beautiful hand embroideries can give self-satisfaction and also generate a decent income. However, before you start your embroideries, you should be aware of the various kinds of unique hand embroidery stitches. You can gain the knowledge of embroideries through fashion designing online courses. This knowledge will broaden your perspective and help you realize when to use what kind of stitching to get the best embroidery.

Here is the list of top hand embroidery stitches:

Running stitch

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The running stitch is the very basic hand embroidery stitch that helps quickly outline your design. Two methods can achieve this. The first one is just pushing the needle and thread into and over the material in a single continuous motion. The second is pushing your needle into the material and pulling it up back.


Backstitch can be used to achieve solid lines for specific texts or outlines.

Stem stitch

The stem stitch is very often used for creating vines and flower stems. However, it can also be used for acquiring any design, which requires curves.

Split stitch

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The split stitch is quite similar to backstitch but has a braid-like structure of its own. This can be used for achieving outlines and also filling in the designs.

French Knots

French knots are decorative stitches that are generally used as design fillers. These can be achieved in varying sizes depending on individual needs.

Satin stitch

The satin stitch is known for its smooth texture and appearance. It is widely used to fill in designs such as flower leaves, petals, and hearts.

Chain stitch

The chain stitch appears much complicated initially. It is indeed a bit tricky. However, with regular practice and dedication, anyone can get it right. The chain stitch is generally used as an option for getting outlines or frames around patterned designs.

Seed stitch

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When you shake an open packet of seeds and throw up into the air you must have seen how randomly it gets dispersed in the open area. Well, that is exactly how the seed stitch hand embroidery looks like. This stitching option is generally preferred as one of the best design fillers.

Feather stitch

The feather stitch is nothing but one more version of chain stitch. Here, a second stitch is used for anchoring the previous stitch’s loop. This technique of the conventional chain stitch can be used when you need to cover a large space.

Lazy daisy

The lazy daisy hand embroidery stitch is considered to be another version of chain stitch. In this case, rather than continuing your chain, you create a tiny stitch immediately over the loop end for creating a beautiful daisy petal.

Hand embroidery is an ancient art that forms an integral part of the textile designing industry. Today many new embroidery stitching designs have come up that are highly appreciated and demanded. However, the underlying stitching techniques remain just the same as before. They are the base for all advanced embroidery creations.

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