How to Purchase Latest Gold Jewellery Designs for Wedding

Latest gold jewellery designs

Gold as a thing of beauty is definitely a joy forever. We find descriptions of gold even in the great Indian epics, such as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. In India, which serves as a market for ornaments and the latest gold jewellery designs for weddings, consumer protection is not assured. Here we will take a look at the different ways in which the gold market can be eased out to help the customer purchase the latest gold jewellery designs for weddings and other occasions.

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1. Gold jewellery is often available in heavyweight and big sizes. As the majority of Indian people belong to the middle class, they have to spend over the budget to get the latest gold jewellery designs for weddings. This is not quite fair to them. Thus, keeping in view the lifestyle of middle-class families, gold merchants should make jewellery designs available in less weight and small sizes.

2. Jewellery made in plain gold should also be given due importance.

3. If a piece of jewellery is studded with precious or semi-precious stones, which is generally the case with the latest gold jewellery designs for weddings, small jewellery stores prefer not to calculate the price of the stones and the price of the gold separately. This practice needs to be stopped.

4. Students and working women generally prefer ornaments studded with precious and semi-precious stones. Hence, these should be in accordance with the latest trends and should also be pocket-friendly.

5. The overall mentality of the people in our country is that branded jewellery outlets such as Tanishq, Kalyan Jewellers, etc price their ornaments deftly as compared to the other smaller outlets, which is not the case. It becomes necessary for such branded outlets to inform this fact to the customers through effective advertising.

6. Outlets, whether big or small, should focus on the quality and purity of gold and variety in the latest gold jewellery designs for weddings to attract customers instead of using some fake schemes.

7. Smaller outlets should allocate more shelf space for the display of ornaments.

8. In this fast-paced world, customers don’t often have ample time to get the design made and instead they opt for ready-made products. Keeping this in view, jewellers should maintain stocks of finished items in their outlets.

9. All stores should educate the customers about the taxes, irrespective of whether they are choosing the latest gold jewellery designs for weddings or simple gold jewellery designs for frequent use.

10. Suspicion arises in the minds of the customers concerning price and quality when a small store displays a price per gram of gold, and on further negotiations, reduces the overall price of the ornament.

This practice should be avoided and the price should remain the same for all customers and all types of designs.

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11. The smaller outlets should always provide original bill receipts to the customers, in order to enhance their confidence and trust in the outlet.

12. Not every customer knows about 916 fineness and purity of gold and neither does everybody know the difference between 916 purity and BIS hallmarking of the ornaments. It becomes the moral and ethical responsibility of the jewellers and the associations at the local level to educate the customers regarding the same.

13. The higher authorities should put in the efforts to educate the customers about hallmarking of gold ornaments.

14. The karate meters, which give an exact reading of the purity of gold, are available only in a couple of big outlets. These should be made available in other outlets as well.

15. An organisation should take up the task of setting up the testing equipment and in return, they can charge a nominal price to test the ornaments.

16. Big outlets such as Kothari Jewellers, Tanishq, etc. don’t have workshops attached to their showrooms which causes great inconvenience to the customers even if slight modifications have to be made to the ornament. This problem should be resolved as soon as possible.

17. In small outlets, the behaviour of the salesmen should reflect politeness and refinement.

18. In large outlets, regional or local languages should be used to receive and extend a welcome to the customers.

19. To adhere to the customer’s description of a particular ornament which he/she has seen someone wearing at a particular event or in some movie, a catalogue should be made available and should be referred to. One can easily find customers who come up with such a situation while choosing the latest gold jewellery designs for weddings.

20. Instead of going for celebrity endorsements in promotional campaigns and advertisements, famous jewellery brands can prepare the ad copy involving an ordinary woman who depicts the person next door.

21. The packaging boxes of the jewellery should be such that the customer is tempted to keep the ornament in the same box for years to come. The buyer will be reminded of the store every time he comes across the box and would most probably like to revisit it. In this manner, both the buyer and the seller would profit.

22. People purchase gold ornaments during certain festivals celebrated all over the country such as Dussehra, Dhana Teras, Diwali, Akshaya Tritiya, etc. To grab the attention of the buyers and to win customers, the sellers can come up with the latest gold jewellery designs for weddings and festivities, promotional offers, etc.

23. To retain the existing customers, the seller can extend reward points or give special benefits on the purchases made. If a customer makes a huge purchase in a single transaction, he/she can be given reward points as well.

24. Frequent purchasers could be made members of an exclusive ‘consumer club’, set up by the outlets. These members could be given a card to enjoy an extended discount on the final bill amount and also to get some additional benefits.

25. A lengthy questionnaire should be avoided while taking feedback from the customers. Instead, the emotions and feelings of the customers while they give their responses can be recorded through a camcorder or a CCTV camera. This will help the jeweller to understand the expectations of the customer in a better way.

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In these manners and through online courses, the consumer awareness level can be improved while they are shopping for the latest gold jewellery designs for weddings and other occasions. Also, consumer protection can be assured.

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