Get Started With the Basics of Pattern Making For Garments

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Drafting patterns for your garments might seem to be a big, scary job for many beginners. Although it is a huge field of study where you may spend years for learning the trade and perfecting it, just a bit of interest will do the trick for you. Try to learn the basics of pattern making and gradually advance your knowledge. You have ample of opportunities to learn western garment creation process online. There is quite a number of fashion styling courses online, which you can choose from. HOC is one such leading organisation that offers fashion styling short courses. Before that, we wish to help you in grasping pattern making basics for garments. So, let’s get started.

Everything Starts With a Basic Block

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The pattern making process starts with a basic block. As a domestic pattern maker, you might be interested only in creating a basic block for your own body measurements. However, when working at the industrial level, you may have to come across many different requirements from different clients. The basic block includes a side dart and waist in the front bodice as well as a shoulder dart and waist in the back bodice. Start with the basic block, and then you may branch out to necklines, sleeves, and many more for creating your own unique clothes. Enrolling to any online courses for fashion styling should train you on the requirements of this demanding profession.

Collecting the Tools Needed for Pattern Making

At the minimum, you would require pencils, rulers, different types of curves, a pattern paper, pins, a tape measure, scissors, and muslin fabric. There are also numerous other pattern making tools that you would come to know about. However, these are all the essentials that can get you started.

Measurement is the key

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Using a measurement chart is utmost necessary while developing patterns for your garments. You may ask one of your friends to help you measure your upper  body. Using those measurements, you can draft your personal bodice sloper easily. Although you have to conduct a few mathematical calculations, those are nothing much to scare about. A fashion styling course online should help you understand on these basics.

Time to Experiment

Once you have already created a sloper for your bodice, you may begin changing your dart types in order to create unique designs that please your personal taste. Many textbooks recommend it readers to start by repositioning darts to newer locations on your sloper. Never forget adding seam allowances. You are just about to design your first garment pattern.

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