Fashion designing is the art which is related to fashion and trends. Fashion Design Ideas is a kind of research in which we can design our own style by new and trendy fashion. Under this, there are many types of research like choosing fabric, fabric design, its size, length, colour etc. Let us see how you can groom your Indian traditional wear.


First, we will talk about those elements which are the foundation of fashion design. Elements play a very important role in fashion design ideas. It is not only the basis of design but also helpful in giving it a complete look. These are of the following types


Good texture in fashion design ideas emphasises the usefulness of the product and ignores its distractions. Clothing is useful because it covers us (functional), makes us feel good (psychological), and makes us look good (aesthetic). We wear clothes that at least cover our bodies.


The simplest shape is a two-dimensional area bounded by a contour. A graphic artist can use other elements such as lines, colours, values, and shadows to give the shape her three-dimensional appearance. In shape he has three types. Organic shapes that occur naturally in the world, geometric shapes that are angular and mathematically consistent, and abstract shapes that represent but are not fully represented in nature.

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Next thing we consider are Colours. It helps create the good design of the composition. When a wave of light hits an object and is reflected by the optic nerve of the human eye, the sensation that humans see is called colour. Artists and designers use colour to represent and explain subject matter. Designers use colour to express mood, light, depth, and perspective. Designers use the principles of colour wheels and colour theory to mix, combine and create colour schemes.

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Size is one of the design elements used to describe the look and feel of an object. Haptic textures are physical touches, whether rough, smooth, or wavy. Visual size, on the other hand, refers to the visible look of illustrated textures, which can create greater visual interest and enhanced sensory experience.


Proper use of space ensures that others see your design as intended. White space or negative space is the space between or around the focal points of an image. Positive space is the space the subject occupies in the composition. Spacing in your design is important because an overcrowded layout can overwhelm the viewer’s eyes.


Form of the fashion design ideas refers to the way a shape or physical configuration occupies space. Rather than creating a form through a three-dimensional physical form, the designer uses light, shadows, the appearance of object outlines, negative space, and the surrounding objects of the subject to create a flat surface. Create a shape appearance.


A lining in fashion design ideas refers to the way two points are connected in space. Lines, whether horizontal, diagonal, or vertical, help draw the eye to a particular point in the composition. You can also create textures using different types of lines, such as curved lines, patterned lines, etc., as well as straight lines.


In fashion design ideas, value refers to the shade of colours. Colours values ​​are often visualised with gradients. It presents a series of hue variations ordered from lightest to darkest. Artists can use different colour values ​​to create the illusion of mass and volume in their work.

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