FILMY FASHION! -Our First Digital Fashion Show to Empower Women

Hunar Online Fashion show

Hunar Online Courses brings you its first digital fashion show for all the women who love fashion designing. The lockdown period of Covid-19 has been really tough for everyone but it also helped people to stop and think about what they really wanted from their life. It made people look within and find out what they want to achieve in their life. Amidst everything, women are the one who were greatly affected by it all. Their busy schedules never let them to think about anything else, but the stagnant world helped them rekindle their creativity and follow their dreams.

Hunar has tried its best to give a platform to every woman who loves fashion designing and showcase their talent in front of the world. It also helps women to start their business and become financially independent.

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What is Hunar Online’s Vision with this Digital Fashion Show?

Hunar Online will be presenting its first digital fashion show for women in February. There will be participants from all over the country and it is the biggest platform for women to showcase their talent. The main aim of this fashion show is to empower women and help them stand on their feet and become financially independent. Filmy Fashion is also a great opportunity for all those women who want to start their own business.

In a country where the majority of the women are literate yet unemployed, mainly due to their unawareness, it is important for them to become aware first. Now raising awareness among the women has become quite easier due to the advancement of technologies. When women become aware, they realise their potential and thereby they become empowered. Hunar Online is trying its best to increase empowerment among women.

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Our Online Fashion Show wants to give a new direction to every woman who has some skills and wants to make their distinct identity. How? It’s simple. Interested women can start by learning a new skill, creating their own unique designs, submitting it to us and thereby getting an opportunity to have their collections displayed in front of thousands of viewers, celebrity mentors and Bollywood’s top Fashion Designer, Neeta Lulla. 

Why is the Digital Fashion Show a Great Opportunity for Women?

Empowering Women Through a Unique Live Digital Fashion Show.

There is more than one reason why our digital fashion show is a great opportunity for women. Let’s have a look one by one:

1.It Is Open for All the Fashion Lovers-

If you love fashion designing you can easily become a part of this digital fashion show. If you are a designer then you can participate in this show or you can simply enjoy this show as an audience from your home. You will also get to know about the latest fashion trends and can keep up with them.

2.Participants from All Over the Country-

If you are a designer and you are participating in the fashion show then you will have to compete with other participants who will be coming from all over the country. You can get inspired from their designs and learn from each other too.

3.You Can Create Anything-

You can either create fashion designs or jewellery designs. It depends on what you love to make. If you love to design jewellery then you can submit your design in actual form to us or even in the form of illustration and the same goes for fashion designing too.

4.Watch Models Walking in Your Design on the Ramp-

You can decide which model will wear your outfit and how she walks the ramp. You will see the model walking the ramp showcasing your designs.

5.Vote for the Participants-

Being an audience, you just don’t watch the show simply from your home. You can also vote for the participants and their designs if you like it and help them win the fashion show.

6.Celebrity Judge-

The best part about participating in this fashion show is that you will be reviewed by celebrity mentor and Bollywood’s top designer, Neeta Lulla. She is known for designing outfits for some iconic Bollywood movies like Jodha Akbar, Manikarnika, Devdas, Bajirao Mastani and many others. She will be among the jury along with many other prominent judges.

Get a Chance to Sell Your Designs- You can also get a chance to sell your designs and collections with the help of brands like TheHLabel and others.

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What Will Happen After This Digital Fashion Show Ends?

With the end of the digital fashion show, you simply won’t return to your home. You will carry many things along with you and it will help you in many ways and will stay with you forever.

  1. You Will Have A Unique Experience- Participating in our digital fashion show will give you a new experience that will help you to become successful in the future.
  2. Learn New Things- Competing with the participants from all over the world will help you learn new things from them. Also, celebrity judge, Neeta Lulla will review your designs, so that will be a great learning experience in itself.
  3. You, Will, Be Satisfied from Within- Winning the fashion show will be a whole new level of achievement but even if you don’t win, you will not be disappointed. You will have lots of experiences and will learn so many things from other fashion designers that you will be satisfied from within.
  4. You Can Start Your Own Business- You can set-up your business account on various e-commerce platforms and start selling your designs from home. We will guide you to manage your business, while you design your collections from home.
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So, if you are a woman who wants to learn new skills and give a new direction to your career and become financially independent, then you should definitely join us at Hunar Online Courses and participate in our digital fashion show. It will bring new opportunities for you and help you pave your career path the way you want to. 

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