FILMY FASHION- A Live Digital Fashion Show by Hunar Online Courses!

Hunar Online Live digital fashion show

2020 was not the kind of year anyone would want to remember. It was a hard time and many lives were lost but we stood together. During these trying times, Hunar Online did not lose hope and helped to empower thousands of women from all over the country. Many women learned new skills from the comfort of their homes. Lots of women also started their own business with our help and became financially independent after learning with us.

Now, after learning various new skills and establishing their businesses with our help, Hunar Online is bringing another extraordinary opportunity at your doorstep. We present to you our first-ever live where you can present your designers in front of thousands of viewers. Imagine, a model wearing a costume designed by you. Not only that but famous Bollywood fashion designers along with thousands of viewers will be looking at your designs and getting inspired. Wouldn’t that be a great feeling? Surely, it will be!

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If you are not a designer but you love to see fashion shows and new trends then you’ll surely love our online fashion show. The event is called- FILMY FASHION and it is a digital fashion show. This is an event in which you can have fun watching new designs from the comfort of your home. You just need to log on to the platform on which the digital fashion show is being telecasted and have fun.

Designers started to organise virtual fashion shows since the Covid-19 pandemic struck in 2020. Many designers and brands had to cancel their fashion weeks due to the outburst of Covid-19 as there was lockdown all around the world. Also, the increase in the use of digital mediums increased a lot during the lockdown. Keeping that in mind, many designers opted for a digital fashion show so everyone could be safe and at the same time, they can also show their fashion designs to the world.

Online Fashion Show by Hunar Online

The number of digital fashion shows organised by Indian designers or brands was almost none in 2020. Keeping that in mind, Hunar Online is proud to present to you their very own Digital Fashion Show known as Filmy Fashion. The theme that is followed in this virtual fashion show is to design clothes which are inspired by iconic Bollywood movies. This event is a chance for every woman who has the skills of designing outfits but does not have a platform to show their designs.

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Hunar Online is organizing this event to promote women from all over the country so they can show their skills to thousands of viewers who will be tuning in. More than 100 aspiring fashion designers will be a part of it and watching their designs being showcased by models walking on the ramp. Isn’t it a dream come true as a designer? What a proud moment it is for any woman who wants to be a fashion designer to see their designs come to life on such a grand platform in front of so many people.

Why Participate in This Online Fashion Show?

There are many interesting things about the virtual fashion show which is being organised by Hunar Online for viewers and fashion designers like:

It is for Everyone

Do you love to design fashion? Then you can be a part of this fashion show. You can adore your designs on the ramp being showcased by a professional model. If you are not a designer but love to watch new fashion designs and keep up with trends then you can be a part of the audience from your home.

Models Walking in Your Designs

You will be the one deciding what a model wears since you will be a fashion designer whose outfit will be showcased. You get to decide how a model should walk wearing your design to showcase the highlighting features of your design.

Exited to be present In our first-ever online live Digital fashion show.

Come join us! :


You don’t just watch the designs as a part of the audience but you will also get to decide who will participate in this digital fashion show. You can pick whichever design you like and reject what you don’t want to see in the fashion show.

Bollywood Judge

Neeta Lulla, who is a famous Bollywood designer, will be the chief judge of this digital fashion show. Along with her, you will also get to decide which designs are good and which are not through the live voting system.

kurti fashion show

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How to Submit Designs for This Online Fashion Show

The rules to submit fashion designs for participating in the virtual fashion show are very simple like

  • You have to submit a design created by you in fashion or jewellery. If you don’t have your outfit or jewellery ready then you can also submit an illustration of what you want to showcase. Submissions are accepted between 10 January and 25 January.
  • The key thing to remember is that whatever design you create must be inspired by an iconic Bollywood movie. The design has to be iconic so the audience can recognise it easily and give their view on it through voting.
  • Your design needs to be original and not a copy of anyone else’s. The show is digital but you cannot participate using a design from other online sources.
  • Your design will be chosen based on the voting by non-students and it will also be awarded during the virtual fashion show.
  • After the voting process, the top 20 most-voted designs will be showcased in Filmy Fashion, virtual fashion show.
  • You have to be a student of Hunar Online Courses to be able to participate in this virtual fashion show.
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So, do you want to be a part of this ? If yes, then submit your design right away and inform your friends and family to vote for your design so you can win and watch your dream come true from the comfort of your home. In case, you don’t want to participate in this virtual fashion show then you can view and help other designers to make their dream come true.

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