Top Bollywood-Inspired Festive Makeup Looks for 2021

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Festive season is lurking just around the corner and with all the preparations you need to ensure that your makeup is on-point with your outfit. Festival and wedding fashion is all about glitz and glam and everyone around tries to bring out their best with the help of makeup. There are many makeup artists who have introduced us to some marvelous festive looks that can be our go-to option when we run out of creativity.

Makeup is an important part of fashion styling and it plays a major role in defining the personality of a person. There are a variety of makeup styles that you can try for this festive season, be it a festival or a wedding. Some of them focus on eyes, some focus on lips, while some try to balance the whole look by giving equal focus on every part of the face. Here are different types of makeup styles that you try this festive season. Let’s have a look at them one by one:

1.Pink Hues

Pink is the colour of the girls and the pink monochrome makeup look is gaining popularity after Sonam Kapoor donned the look herself for an occasion. You can easily recreate her look this festive season and become a diva for a special occasion. You need to follow some steps to create this look. Start with applying a cool light primer. Blend it well using your fingers. Primer helps you even the skin texture and reduces the fine lines. It helps you create a smooth base for the makeup.

Now apply eyeshadow primer on your eyelids and blend them well with your fingers. After you have blended the primer nicely, take brown eyeshadow and apply them on the crease of your eyes and blend them nicely. Make sure to use proper eyeshadow brush for blending. Now take pink eyeshadow as per your choice and apply it on the entire lid. To get a glittery golden look apply a bit of golden eyeshadow on the top of it. This will make your eyes look festive and gorgeous. Lastly, apply mascara and eyeliner to finish your eye makeup look.

You are done with your eye makeup. Now in the third step, apply foundation on your face and conceal the zits, uneven skin patches with the help of a concealer. Set the foundation and concealer properly with the help of setting powder. Apply baby pink blush on the apple of your cheeks.

Now apply brow powder to fill in your brows and set them properly. Apply your favourite shade of pink lipstick and add a little amount of highlighter to add dimension.

Your pink hues makeup style is ready for the festive season. You can try this makeup look for any festival or some special occasions like wedding parties.

sonam kapoor

Image Source- Vogue India

2.Golden Hour Glow

The golden hour glow is back in trend and is considered as one of the best options for the festive seasons. This makeup can be done for any occasion but goes well with the Indian outfits. This look gained popularity after Jahnvi Kapoor put on this makeup for an occasion. You can create this makeup look easily from home by following these simple steps.

Start with moisturising your skin. Make sure you use a good hydrating and radiating moisturiser that can add natural radiance to your skin and it does not look dull and dead. Then apply some illuminating primer and make your base ready for makeup.

Now apply some foundation on your skin and blend it well using a damp beauty sponge. Make sure you blend the foundation nicely and it is blended nicely in your skin. To get that golden glow, you need a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your skin. Apply that concealer under your eyes, on the bridge of your nose and your forehead and blend it all together, nicely. Now contour your cheeks lightly and set your makeup using loose powder and bronzer. Make sure the makeup products that you are using are cream-based so that you can get that glowing look naturally.

Now take bronzer and use it as a crease shadow and blend it nicely in windscreen wiper motion. Now apply foil gold eyeshadow to the centre of your eyelids and blend them carefully. For inner corner highlights, use a light gold shadow. If you want to create a smoky eye effect, you can use brown eyeshadow and apply it on the upper lash line. Finish your eye makeup look with mascara and eyeliner.

Use golden highlighter to highlight your cheeks and the bridge of your nose. Use a setting spray to set your makeup in place.

Opt for a pink nude lip liner and lipstick combo and you are good to go.

jhanvi kapoor

Image Source- Zoom TV

3. The Classic Red Lipstick Look

When in doubt, wear red lipstick. Every woman can agree that when it comes to fashion styling, red lipstick has been their saviour at many occasions. It is the best choice for every occasion and when you cannot decide your look for a party just go for this style and you can shine like a diva. Red lipstick has the power to beautify any basic look. You can get inspiration from Kriti Sanon’s look and recreate this fashion style in your own way for this festive season. You can create this makeup look by following these simple steps.

Start with preparing your skin. Use a gentle exfoliating cleanser to remove all the dirt from your skin and then apply a nourishing moisturiser. Now use a silicon-based primer that can even out the texture of your skin by filling in the open pores. It also creates a strong base for your makeup and it can also stay longer.

Apply foundation and concealer and blend them all properly. Make sure you use a sponge or brush to blend in your makeup so that it does not crease.

Now apply light brown eyeshadow and blend it gently. Finish your eye makeup using mascara and eyeliner. Apply blush and highlighter on your cheeks.

Now complete your look by applying bright red lipstick. Your festive look is ready!

kriti sanon

Image Source- Zee News-

Before doing any makeup, you must have the right makeup products and tools with you. You must know your skin type before you apply any makeup product. For example, if you have oily skin, then you should stay away from cream-based makeup products.

Every woman who loves to do makeup, must have these products in her makeup kit. Let’s have a look at them one by one:

1. A Good Hydrating Moisturiser

Moisturiser is necessary for every skin type. Do you feel a tightness in your skin after exfoliating? That’s why you need a good hydrating moisturiser that can keep your skin nourished. If you have dry skin or oily skin, invest in a good moisturiser to take good care of your skin.


Image Source- PoweredByPlant

2. Face Primer

It is one of the most vital elements of the makeup kit that some people don’t consider important. Face primer keeps your face smooth by filling all the open pores. It is the easiest way to achieve a smooth base which fills all the unnecessary pores of your skin and prepares it better for makeup. An illuminating primer can brighten your skin and make it glow from within.

3. Foundation

Firstly, Foundation is one of the most important elements of your makeup kit but getting the right shade for your skin colour is very hard. Foundation provides a perfect coverage and hides all the blemishes and dark spots. It creates an illusion of the perfect skin and makes you ready for the occasion. To get dewy skin, you can apply a cream-based foundation.

4.BB Cream or CC Cream

If you don’t want to apply foundation for any occasion and want to go light on the coverage but want to get the same freshness and shine of the foundation then you can opt for a BB or CC cream. It is light in weight and can be applied with fingers as well. Make sure you pick the right shade as per your complexion. One of the best things about these creams is that they already have SPF in them and in case you forget to wear sunscreen, you will get protection from the sun.

5. Sunscreen

Every woman should have sunscreen in her makeup kit. It not only provides protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun but also avoids ageing. Make sure you wear a good sunscreen when you are stepping out in the sun.


As the name suggests, concealer hides all the blemishes and dark circles and gives you a fresh look. Make sure to use a lightweight hydrating concealer as it gives a nice coverage to the dark circles and acne marks and makes your skin look fresh. You can hide all your acne, dark circles and any kind of discoloration by using the right type of concealer.

7.Lip Balm

The skin of our lips is more sensitive than any other part of the body and you need to make sure that they don’t chap. Use good quality lip balm and drink lots of water to keep your lip plump and hydrated. You can also use lipstick in case you run out of lip balm.

lip balm

Image Source- Westside

Make sure you apply every product, be it foundation, concealer, contour, highlighter or blush, in cream form. Cream based makeup products give a more natural look and blend nicely with your skin. These are the few essential makeup products that are recommended by famous makeup artists that you must have in your makeup kit.

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