Fashion Designing Subjects to Help Understand Fashion Trends

Fashion Designing Subjects

Splash some colour onto your outfit or add drama to your dress, go to a casual get-together or enjoy a carefree time at the theme park, there are fashion trends with a twist that can help your individuality shine. However, to learn and understand fashion trends through the ages you need to enrol on the right fashion designing subjects.

Fashion Designing Subjects List

  • Pattern Making
  • Garment Construction
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Elements of Fashion
  • Fashion Design Management & Merchandising
  • Fashion Ornamentation
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  • Fashion Technology & Marketing
  • Clothing Culture & Communication

The 2000s

Fashion designers such as Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi rose to prominence in Bollywood during the 2000s by getting efficient knowledge from fashion designing course subjects. Models turned actresses such as Aishwarya Rai and Sushmita Sen, helped strengthen the relationship between the Bollywood movie and Bollywood fashion industries. Denim and multinational corporations’ brands continued to dominate during the 2000s.

The 2010s

Most Bollywood fashion trends in the 2010s take inspiration from western fashion industries and the past which makes it incredibly diverse. Previous trends such as crop tops, miniskirts, palazzos and strapless gowns for women have made a comeback.

Top ten fashion trends that will definitely leave a mark on you and everyone else in your presence:

1. Art has marked a new fashion trademark. From modern shapes, crafted textures and washes to a variety of 3D prints, the new fashion statement is all about wearing art. Art occupies the top position in the fashion designing subjects list. For the most part, it uses Jewellery and clothing inspired by art. This has given rise to a timeless edition of the mix-and-match fashion trend,

2. Fashion is about rediscovering an old design such as perfect sequins, romantic laces and sheer dresses that are now back with a bang in block patterns and solid colours. Less is more and this is not just the case for casual dressers but brides and Bollywood divas as well.

3. Many Bollywood personalities have brought in a fresh perspective while making a unique style statement in dresses with a metallic tint. The sense of fashion is more global today than ever before and all it took was a silver lining in a leather jumpsuit, pants, jacket or cuffs to do the magic. Reflect your fashion statement by adding a little bling of your own to your outfit in a way that will suit your personality.

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4. Denim can never be an archaic piece of choice. Many Bollywood personalities admired for their sense of fashion love Demin. Denim apparel is a huge part of their wardrobe. From denim shirts and dresses to denim skirts and bags. The runway models flaunted an impressive collection of denim outfits with embellishments and dense prints on them. So, we recommend you throw all your denim assemblage back into your wardrobe!

5. Fashion movement for both genders features a remarkable use of bright and vivid colours used in a more innovative style that goes beyond the established standards of colours when talking about the different skin tones, gender and clichéd palettes. According to fashion designing course subjects, some fun tones like snorkel blue, red, rose, peach, coffee and green that had never been given an opportunity to make their mark, are also in vogue.

metallic clothes Bollywood
source: India tv

6. Robes are not longer restricted to sleep-wear. They are widely experimented with in modern fashion. They can create a perfect luxurious look and can be designed and worn to set a romantic tone in any place at any time.

7. Organic fashion has finally managed to make its way into fashion. A lot of time is being spent contemplating its production, existence and demand in the consumer market. Designers are trying new strategies to use tie die for a more sophisticated and simpler look. Comfort is being prioritised over style. More fine and coarse khadi is being rolled out to recreate the notion of simplicity and elegance.

8. Popular Bollywood magazines are flooded with sportswear which is the new cool. Combining the global with the local, crop tops, bomber jackets and football sweatshirts have found their way back into fashion statements. The best attire appears to be casual and comfortable. Youngsters particularly have shown more inclination towards sports and casual wear.

gender neutral clothing India
source: deccan herald

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9. To go with the maximalist style of clothing, add-ons and accessories have been redesigned and reinvented. Chunky sandals, chokers, Chand Bali earrings, platform heels, lace-up flats, oversized bags, clutches in various shapes, sizes and styles have all added a new psychological dimension to the current understanding of fashion.

10. Unisex fashion style has marked its beginning, according to fashion designing course subjects. The distinctive line between fashion trends for the two genders had been lacking clarity with every passing day and it seems to have disappeared now. Androgyny has given fashion an extremely cool quotient by redefining the way it is perceived by everyone. Not only has it taken Bollywood by the storm but various boutiques, designer stores, retail hubs and fashion weeks all over the world have fallen in love with this exquisite change.

Continue to discover more styles from the plethora of fashion trends by making free and confident choices. Our fashion designing subjects are offering a fun and rejuvenating experience to help you discover your unique fashion sense by experimenting and playing with these path-breaking fashion inventions.

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