Fashion Tips That Only Professionals Know: Now You Know Too

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Not every fashion tip, you have come across in your lifetime is useful. Some are definitely worth trying while others do not have so much impact on your wardrobe. Assuming that you have not already been into any textile designing courses yet, we’ve listed some of the most effective style tips; collected from a range of best designers and lifestyle experts. Some of these experts are trainers in various fashion stylist schools online. So if you are not really planning to attend any textile designing course soon, this list would prove beneficial for you.

Wash Your Cashmere Manually

The tag on a cashmere may permit you to wash it in a machine, but in reality it is recommended to be washed using hands. As you know, a cashmere is made from the fur of Kashmiri goats. These elegant woolen structures lose their softness because of harsh washing techniques. Again, you may use a salad spinner for drying it. This will facilitate the removal of excessive water within seconds. Those who understand textile fabric design must be able to relate.

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The Clash of Wines

Stains are unforgiving. Especially when you drop that glass of wine on your favourite gown. However, now that you know the importance of white wine in removing red wine stains from your clothes, you may now live in peace. It sounds like cutting an iron sheet using another metal. White wine for combating red wine stains, sounds interesting.

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Wash Your Jeans Before Any Alterations

Never take your brand new jeans to the tailor. Expert professionals teaching at the leading fashion stylist schools online suggest to wash your new jeans at least twice before handing them over to the tailor. Why do they suggest so? This is because jeans generally tend to shrink when washed. So, it might affect your comfort.

Vodka for Removing Odour

Removing odors from your vintage clothes is easier today. You can do it comfortably by spraying on it; a mixture of two parts water and one part vodka. Alcohol, yet again comes to your rescue.

Where to Study Fashion?

Fashion Tips That Only Professionals Know: Now You Know Too

We all love fashion, but not everyone understands how to deal with it. For example, a person who doesn’t know anything about textile designing using Photoshop, may feel the task to be a daunting experience. Similarly, there are people interested in building a career in fashion, but do not know where to find the best fashion styling online courses. HOC is one such leading organisation that offers its students the best range of fashion styling courses in India.

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