Fashion Illustration – The Lines that Are The Pillars of Fashion

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Marilyn vos Savant was right in saying, “be able to draw an illustration at least well enough to get your point across to another person.” In fashion, the “least” has a lot on the skill part. It is necessary that a fashion illustration should be done with distinct imagination and great skill.

Creating garments is a long process that starts with the designer’s ideation. It is when you need to put the idea forward that you need to learn fashion illustration online. If you have the skill in getting the different kinds of lines, curves and shapes right and smooth, you can start with the other fashion specific elements. This includes:

  • The body of a model
  • Posture of the model
  • The fabric and cut of the garment
  • The prints on the garment
  • Accessories put on the model

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The body of a Model

Contour drawing takes a good amount of practice to get the basic shapes (including curves) right. Knowing the right proportions is equally important. If you take the online fashion illustration classes at Hunar Online, you will that develop the basic skill through easily comprehensible videos.

The rule of 11 heads is a good one to apply at the starter level to draw a human figure for purposes of fashion. Once you master the art of drawing figures, this rule can be replaced with another according to one’s own style and method. For drawing a child, a 5 heads rule may be followed.

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Drawing Posture

The model need not always be in a wooden posture especially while depicting a garment that has its own active properties. Imagine drawing party wear on a model standing upright in an attention pose. Instead, the model should probably appear dancing or in an active posture. Then the garment drawn will capture the true expression that complements it.

The Fabric and Cut of the Garment

Depicting the garment in an illustration takes a good knowledge of the fabric involved and the garment cut out. In basic fashion illustration, this factor has to be included. The way the garment is draped on the body has to be displayed with clarity.

The Prints on the Garment

You will want to show the prints and embroidery on the garment too to display what you thought of. Draw the prints as it appears along the surface of a garment. The prints can also be sketched separately. The embroidery could be a formation of stitches that show the realistic feature.

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Accessories on the Model

Indeed, a fashion illustration does not end without accessories drawn on it. Be it shoes, jewellery, belts or shades; whatever is supposed to complete the ensemble has to be depicted.

So that’s just the snapshot of what goes into the art of fashion illustration. If you’re interested to learn the real deal, join Hunar Online’s well-designed course that helps you practice fashion illustration to perfection.

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