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Master the Techniques and Folds of Fashion Illustration

When fashion illustration is integral to either a fashion or garment industry, the best illustration trick is to allow them to meld into the surroundings as a sociable design rather than making too much of a statement with these fashion design illustrations.

Techniques of Fashion Illustration Drawings

Fashion illustration drawing is a skill that can be mastered using a lot of techniques. Here, we bring to you some useful techniques to help improve your fashion illustration drawing skills.

Understand the Anatomy

fashion illustration anatomy

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It is vital to know how to draw anatomically correct proportions of a figure if you wish to be good at fashion illustration drawing. To allow the garment to look appealing, a correct drawn figure is a must. Drawing certain posed figures will be easier for you if you know how to draw them correctly.

Use Latest Technology

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, every field is growing at a super-fast pace. To help you beautify your fashion design illustration, there is a lot of advancement made in the software of the fashion industry. For example, to give more clarity to the design idea like where it can be worn, a background of a lane or runway can be added while representing a design to the clients.

Make Appealing Patterns

Patterns can make a simple fabric very interesting and can also tell a story on their own. Since patterns are never going out of fashion, design various beautiful fashion illustration sketches by trying to add some touch of appealing patterns to them.

Focus on Hairstyle Illustration

Apart from the figure shape and dress design, the hair of the figure also matters a lot. Based on hair thickness and textures, learn how to illustrate different hairstyles. An ideal hairstyle illustration can make a figure look more classy.

Design the accessories too

If you wish to enter the world of fashion, make sure that even a small detailing is not left out. You can not be careless with the accessories as they play a vital role in a figure representation of a garment. Choose your accessories wisely and design them carefully and beautifully to make certain that the final look of your fashion illustration drawing tells a story.

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Techniques to Draw Clothing Folds

To illustrate clothing folds, there are 6 different types:

1.Pipe Fold

To give the curtains and skirts an appearance like waves, pipe folds can be used. Usually, the ends of the dress are free-falling. In this fashion design illustration technique, simply draw cylindrical shapes from the point of origin and while stroking down increase the width of the folds. Reverse the cylinders upwards to give a 3-D effect in the folds.

2.ZigZag Folds

Zigzag folds are usually illustrated in the bottom of the trousers like jeans, where there are folds and the material compresses. In this technique, draw uneven and natural zigzag lines and make them look freehand and natural. Keep the fashion illustration sketches simple because the more natural it is, the more real it looks. To complete the fashion illustration, close the ends of the lines with each other.

3.Spiral Fold

Spiral folds are usually illustrated when drawing for the arms and legs and are often drawn on the rolled-up sleeves, wrapped around the arm. In this technique, start with curved lines around the arm, and wrap it in a round form. Leave some space in between the folds while widening. Try to give each fold a different pattern and try not to imitate the lines and shapes regularly. Arrange every line by creatively illustrating.

4.Half Lock Fold

Commonly seen in the pants on the side, this is an uneven abrupt fold. When the person has bent his knees in the sitting position, there is a change in the direction of the fold which causes it to pop out, making it abrupt. To make it look more prominent, make a sharp and angular lock at the right angle. Make the edges more round and dissolve while turning and keep the turns simple and decent. If you are drawing a seated person, make sure about the positioning of your model and then increase the number of angles, so it flows with the direction of it.

5.Diaper Fold

fashion illustration diaper fold

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To show the sagging of the material between two points, diaper folds are drawn. The amount of material and the space between the originating points define the volume of sag. You will usually find such folds in scarves and handkerchiefs.

Consider the ups and downs and the patterns of the fold so that it just does not look like simple lines drawn. Fashion illustration drawing of a diaper fold is a tricky task and so, start up with the cross contours. In the centre, keep the edges of the folds tighter and compressed and loosen them while they go towards the middle.

6.Drop Fold

Drop folds usually appear in a free hanging or falling material, like a scarf hanging on a hook or a towel. These folds are illustrated completely in the direction of gravity. Starting from the support point, draw the folds downward and to the outside. To get the perfect fashion design illustration pattern, take the help of a hook.

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