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With digital learning media, that sense of knowledge has even increased. Inhabit the regular studying practice. Not sure where to start? Indulge in a therapeutic experience with Hunar Online App and learn to do fashion, hair and makeup.

Fashion : Bollywood Cannes Look

Tamannaah Bhatia

Tamanna Cannes

source: The Indian Express

The South Indian diva, Tamannaah Bhatia starred in a lime-green pantsuit paired with a strappy hot bodysuit and leather pumps. The blazer opted by the actress sported a breast pocket and two below on either side, along with a cross-over button. The total cost of the blazer is approximately around ₹3,800 while the total cost of the trousers is priced at ₹2,500.

Minissha Lamba

Minissha Lamba made a low-key but still stylish debut at the Cannes Film Festival, 2011. She chose a nude gown designed by the Indian designer duo Gauri and Nainika, which worked really well on her. She went with a fitted bodice, lacy detailing on the shoulder and a flowing skirt. Minissha was accessorised with a box clutch that was just right for her first appearance at the fest. The hair and understated make-up the star chose did really suit her tiny frame.

Hina Khan

A rising film industry star, Hina Khan opted for a sultry red gown that had pleats on it for Cannes 2022. The total cost of the draped top and skirt comes to a price tag of ₹2,68,500.


Know About Top Hairstylists in India with Hunar Online App

Hiral Bhatia

The magician behind our fashionista, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s noteworthy hairstyles is none other than Hiral Bhatia. She knows how to turn the heads around whether it is with sleep ponytails, classic buns or stunning updos.

Priyanka Borkar

If you are a fan of the hairstyles of Priyanka Chopra or Alia Bhatt, you have to check Priyanka Borkar’s Instagram profile to find the best hair inspiration as she is nothing but the best in business. She is the creator of the most beautiful carpet-ready hairstyles, making them stand out anywhere you go.


Learn How to Use Makeup Brushes with Hunar Online App

Duo-Fibre Makeup Brushes

Think about gently blending the makeup and not about bending the bristles, when you are working with duo-fibre makeup brushes. Use light pressure in a circular motion to buff the product into the skin because if you press too hard, the longer bristles will spread and leave streak marks in your makeup.

Kabuki Makeup Brushes

Slight pressure is necessary for working the product into the skin because the bristles of kabuki makeup brushes are very dense and firm. To pick up the product, use the tip of the bristles and then swirl and buff to diffuse it across your face.

What Makes Hunar Online App the Best in Business?

  • Get NSDC Certificate – Recognised By The Government of India

What are the advantages of getting certified by NSDC?

National Skill Development Corporation or NSDC provides you with a globally recognised certificate from the Government of India, which gives you an added qualification. Having a certificate from NSDC indicates that your skill training is at par with the industry standards. Students who have received an NSDC certificate have built successful businesses or secured a job in leading companies.

How can I get certified by NSDC?

NSDC provides certification through its partner organisations like Hunar Online Courses. After completing the online courses, you will have to appear for the NSDC examination in your city or the nearest city. After you have watched all the video classes and cleared the written exam, you will receive an NSDC certificate, recognised by the Government of India along with a Hunar Online certificate.

  • Get Our Free Starter Kit

You will receive a free starter kit that contains all the materials required to start your course.

  • Learn from Expert Faculty with Hunar Online App

1) Pragati Bairagi

With more than 8 years of work experience in professional styling, Pragati helps students to understand new fashion trends, patterns, texture, colour, style, cuts and much more. With her, there is always something new to learn when it comes to styling garments.

2) Suman Manney

With more than 5 years of work experience in professional styling, Suman teaches students the practicalities of inspired fashion styling. She is a proud alumni of Parsons University, New York and also the owner of the textile industry.

3) Ankita Dhiman

With more than 5 years of work experience as a fashion retail industrialist as well as a visual merchandiser, Ankita possesses a keen interest in teaching the market and business aspects of the fashion world.

4) Prakash Karkaria

With more than 5 years of experience in the fashion industry and a Master’s degree in Fashion Studies & Applied Arts from the Sapienza University of Rome, Prakash brings his international exposure to his classrooms as well as to his students.

Why Learn on the Hunar App?

  • Get Recognised with the Hunar Online App
  • Receive a professional certificate and start your own business!
  • Attend Workshops with the Hunar Online App

For you to develop creative ideas and skills, we conduct free workshops at our centres with industry experts and professionals. This is your golden chance to expand your knowledge and increase your confidence!

  • Watch Live Webinars with the Hunar Online App

We bring you free live webinars where industry experts discuss and share interesting facts. The interactive programmes can clear your doubts and help you learn more about the industry so that you can become a professional yourself!

  • Gain Post-Course Counselling with the Hunar Online App

With our post-course counselling, we help you to take your skills to a professional level. With our guidance, you can learn about all the career options you have after completing your course.

  • Know Your Career Options with the Hunar Online App
Hunar Online Courses

source: India CSR Network

By completing this course, you will learn how to build your portfolio and also how to start your own business, from home.

Hunar Online Courses

Find little ways to stay happy, heal & live your purpose with the details mentioned above about the Hunar Online App.

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