5 Fashion Hacks to Add Variety and Functionality to Your Wardrobe

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It seems like there’s more to know about style, and that’s a fact indeed. Of course, you can get enrolled in the master fashion stylist short courses. There are lots of fashion stylist training courses provided by some of the top fashion stylist colleges. HOC is one such fashion stylist training online. But appearing sharper than other guys is way simpler than you might think.

Below we’ve listed the best tips to help you enhance your style statement. We have brought forward the textile design fashion wisdom from top textile design courses. So, you can delay your plan of getting enrolled in the textile design classes and focus on improving your fashion game.

Get All Your Clothes Adjusted

By everything, we mean most of your wardrobe collections. Take your trousers, shirts, jackets, and suits to a tailor and ask him to make adjustments so that these fit you well. The exception to this tip is those already custom-tailored clothes you own.

Choose Quality Instead of Quantity

We recommend you to spend more money on lesser clothing. As you might agree, high-quality materials last longer than high quantity products. Besides, you look way better in a good quality dress.

Buy a Suit in Person.

Everyone needs a great suit, even if you think not. Compare different jackets based on their fabrics and cuts. Make sure that you do not buy a suit online, because it will restrict you from feeling the fabric in the first place.

Choose Shoes Beyond Brown and Black

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Coloured leather shoes are fantastic alternates to your ordinary footwear. You may try a crazy style with blue and gray, if you are bold enough to not care about your neighbour’s opinion. And you don’t need to worry about wearing matching belts to with each of your pair of shoes. A black belt is an universal style statement that goes extremely well with gray or brown shoes along with other colours.

Layered Clothing Helps at Times

In the hot summer days, you may well go with a single shirt. However, if it’s chilling, having at least two layers above your shirt is a mandate. Who knows if you need to offer your top moat layer, i.e your jacket, to someone who’s freezing, i.e. your girlfriend may be.

Following these fashion hacks will keep your wardrobe functional and at the same time, minimise the clutter. We wish your fashion upgrade to be a good experience.

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