Fashion Designing for the Future

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“The future is here” they say, and many take heed. Fashion is a very heartfelt affair we all keep as part of our identity. But it is only a matter of time for us to find how our sensibilities and perspective about fashion will evolve in the future.

Forecasting future trends in fashion designing always entails the quest for the purpose or reason of any change happening in the fashion scene. Gone are the days when fashion was dictated entirely by culture. Look at how traditional wear is gradually getting sidelined to occasions and trendy-wear running the show in popular fashion. In modern developments, observe how fusion is a major creative coming out from fashion CAD course, which is at par with Western and traditional fashion. Soon, fashion will dissolve boundaries of style concepts and combine not only cultures but also utilities in a big way.

There are quite a few hints we already see that will help students in CAD for fashion design to use as cues while ideating about futuristic fashion.

Fashion is More Techie

Technology is mingling with fashion to create tech-driven garments. Also, tech gadgets are attempting to turn into fashion wearables. Regular garments like tees and sportswear are getting fused with tech applications that can work in tandem with a smartphone. There’s already a tee developed that measures your heart rate and blood pressure.

In the future, these applications will improve and diversify bringing out garments that’ll be “smart”. In the future, garments may change colour to the weather. Accessories like eyewear will be fashionable yet will extend a technology like Google Glass.

Fashion is Now Personal

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Fashion is gradually turning personal. Trends are still on but in time there’ll be a surge in personalised fashion that will become more prevalent than trends for the masses. The technology that today allows virtually trying out spectacle frames on one’s face will get extended to trying a customised garment on whole-body 3D images. These 3D images will be created specific to individual measurements and will exactly show how a garment will fit. The best customised fit can then be ordered online.

Fashion Favours Function

fashion designing computer courses

Fashion will become more function-oriented. Thus, the concepts of beauty and form will attach themselves inseparably to the factor of functionality. People today look for garments that suit their active lifestyle. This trend will increase in the future.

Fashion is Turning 3D

Firstly, 3D designs on fashion wear is already in vogue. 3D printing technology will take the possibilities of creative additions to fashion much further. Creating cheaper fashion-wear using 3D printing technology is also a possibility. Future fashion will be even more rapidly volatile. Hence fashion designers will grace 3D alternative especially in favour of personalised styling and fashion.

Fashion design students and professionals have to update themselves today to effortlessly sync into the possibilities of the highly evolving fashion scene of tomorrow. Aspiring students can enroll at fashion designing computer courses. It is necessary for them to keep themselves successful in the fashion industry.

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