Fashion and Computing – A New Creative Alliance

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Tracing the relation between technology and fashion will take you back to the times when Computer-Aided Design started to be used to create fashionable garments. As you already know, the application has made almost all processes in service and production fields easy and very efficient. One of the fields that have reaped maximum benefit from this application is the field of fashion.

If you are in the field of designing, you must have heard of CAD. CAD or Computer Aided Designing is the name given to the range of digital tools employed to create designs and creatives.

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Now, you might be wondering what is the role of computer-aided design in fashion? As you must be aware, for computer fashion design to be applied, it should first be understood how the fashion design process works. It starts with the ideation of a garment design, which naturally requires to be presented in some form. Here, fashion illustration comes into the picture.

So, does CAD help in fashion illustration? The answer is yes, to a great extent it does! Creating garment models on croquis is the major activity involved at this stage. This can be done using the software, with the use of CAD for fashion design.

cad for fashion design courses online

Oh! And how about the 3D modeling techniques that can make presentations and promotions top-notch? You must also consider how amazingly easy it is to reuse a basic model to display different garments with just a few clicks and drags!

How does a course like Computer-Aided Fashion Designing makes students better fashion designers? Well, these courses help students to learn ways to integrate fabric, fiber and pattern-making techniques and construction using the application.

cad in fashion designing courses online

Right from the 1980s, the use of computers in the fashion industry has consistently increased as the benefits became largely apparent. Computers made repetitive jobs far easier to handle, saved time in designing and re-designing, facilitated easy application of design variations and made images and videos of high quality involving properties like 3D!

Indeed, this new creative alliance between fashion and computer has enabled huge progress in fashion designing. If you want to taste the advantages of this amazing team-up, enrol into the CAFD course with Hamstech Online Courses now!

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