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Indian sarees are famous for its traditions. All Indian outfits are unique in themselves but none can match the beauty and elegance of an Indian saree. A saree is a long piece of unstitched garment with the length of around 5 yards to 9 yards. You can wear it in different styles. The best thing about it is that it goes well at every occasion and enhances the charm of a woman. In the world of fashion designing, a saree has always kept up with the latest trends and stood out.

Indian women wear it as traditional garment and is one of the oldest attires. Indus Valley Civilization were related to this traces. This proves that the tradition of donning a saree has been passed on from generations. Fashion trends may change but the beauty of saree has been immortal from ages.

The beauty of India lies in the fact that it is diverse and dynamic. In every state, you will see a diversification in food, language and even outfits. The types of saree available also varies in different states. The patterns, designs, artwork become popular all around the world. Here are some of the most popular Indian sarees that you should definitely know about and have in your wardrobe.


1.Banarasi Silk Indian Sarees from Uttar Pradesh

Banarasi silk sarees are world famous for their intricate patterns and handmade designs. This Indian sarees are full of gold and silver zari. It is made with natural silk. Banarasi Silk is related in the city of Varanasi, located in Uttar Pradesh. The attractive designs of these sarees and a marvellous combination of colours and patterns makes it difficult for women to resist them. These are a perfect fit for weddings, receptions, and pairing them with minimal gold jewellery would be enough to complete the look.

banarasi saree

Image Source- Sacred Weaves

2.Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees from Tamil Nadu

It is clear by its name. Kanchipuram is a small district in Tamil Nadu. The weave of this famous Kanjeevaram dates back to 400 years ago. These sarees are wove with hand and are mostly wear by brides or for special occasions. You can see the scriptures and figurines on its border. Also, it is related to the town. Kanchipuram is famous as one of the expensive silk sarees.

kanjeevaram silk saree

Image Source- Avishya

3.Kasavu Indian Sarees from Kerala

Originally, Kasavu saree was known by the name of ‘Mundum Nereyatham’. It is a hand woven saree generally of cream colour or off-white, with golden colour border around it. Kasavu is a symbol of Kerala’s culture and tradition and is considered as the most auspicious attire. Although, it is worn on the New Year by the women in Kerala, as per the Hindu Calendar. It is also perfect for homely events.

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4.Paithani Silk Indian Saree from Maharashtra

Paithani Silk are famous for its Maharashtriyan royal look. There was a time when only royals and the aristocrats wore it. It was famous as the ‘Queen of Silks’. It originated in a small town of Paithan in Aurangabad. Paithani silk sarees are made with handloom with naturally dyed threads. You can only find them in some basic colours like red, yellow, blue, green, purple, magenta. This Indian sarees is perfect for special occasions and traditional parties, and is the pride of Marathi women.

paithani silk saree

Image Source- GoCoop

5.Bandhani saree from Gujarat

Bandhani Indian sarees are famous for tie and dye technique. It is very rich in colour and is popular not only in Gujarat but all around the country. Knots tied in a special technique which prevents the colours from spreading and creates a desired pattern on the fabric. Generally, these are chiffon sarees. With the changing fashion trends and to suit the requirements of the women, these sarees are also available in cotton, georgette, etc. It is perfect for summers and women mostly wear it in the navratri season. It will be best option on different festive occasions.

6.Chanderi Saree from Madhya Pradesh

Chanderi saree got its name from the small town of Chanderi which is in Madhya Pradesh. Also, the fabric of this saree is a blend of cotton and silk and it has a fine zari work of gold on its border. It is very popular among women because of its lightweight design which makes it very comfortable to wear. Chanderi has various patterns made on it, such as, peacock design, floral art, etc. These sarees have pretty borders and are extremely comfortable, so it can be worn daily.

chnaderi saree

Image Source- Chanderi Sarees

There are a variety of Indian sarees available in our country. Be it a wedding ceremony, festive occasion, a party or a casual occasion – you can never go wrong with a saree. There are several fashion designing institutes that teach all about the art of wearing and designing sarees. You can also learn about it through various online courses. At Hunar Online, you will get easy video classes which are accessible every time and you can learn from anywhere. You will get 24/7 faculty support and a chance to learn from the experts of the industry.

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