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courses in fashion designing

If You have a passion for Fashion Designing you are at the right place. Here we are providing information about everything Related To the fashion Designing Course. Including Best Fashion Designing Colleges In India, Courses in Fashion Designing and Skills Required to become Succesful Career in Fashion Designing Course and more information about different types of fashion design courses.

Fashion is all around us – be it a party or a social gathering, we can see people dressed up in different ways. Every person dressing up in a particular way has adopted a unique fashion trend which he/she finds perfect for themselves. How do people learn about these fashion trends? These trends are brought into light by the fashion designers through fashion shows, initially, where outfits are displayed by models.

Fashion Designing is one of the most creative courses which is very popular among the youth and many people are choosing this industry to build a career. It is a very popular vocational stream which is prosperous not only in India but also out of the country. This course is so dynamic that it opens a plethora of opportunities for the aspiring fashion designers.

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If you ever spend any time studying fashion, you’ll come across the fact that fashion is divided into various types. Fashion design is generally divided into tiers although there may be some sub-categorization to them. Broadly, there are five types of fashion design. They are as follows:

Types of Fashion Design :

1. Haute Couture Fashion:

Haute couture fashion is at the top of the fashion design hierarchy. It involves the creation of limited, custom-fitted clothing and accessories. These pieces are created by hand and are a time-consuming process. There is an entire team of experienced and skilled designers working together and creating outfits out of the finest and the most expensive materials.

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2. Luxury Fashion:

This comes second in the hierarchy of fashion design and bridges the gap between exclusive, custom-made garments and mass-produced, readily available clothing. Luxury clothing consists of high-quality clothing which are not hand-made but are also not mass-produced.

3. Ready to Wear Fashion:

Ready to wear fashion, also called prêt-a-porter, is mass-produced in standardised sizes. These types of clothing are for the public and are easily accessible. They are available for purchase by the public in large quantities and at very affordable rates.

4. Fast Fashion:

There are many fashion brands with which average consumers are familiar with. They are known as fast fashion brands. The driving idea behind this kind of fashion is to make trendy and fashionable clothes available to the mass public at a cheaper rate. These fashion designs generally come to the store after being displayed on the ramp of fashion shows.

5. Economy Fashion:

Economy fashion comes at the bottom of the fashion design hierarchy. The ultimate goal of it is to mass produce outfits in the most efficient manners and ship them to the stores so that they can be sold. The main aim is to earn profits, therefore, it uses cheap labour and materials.

This was all about the different types of fashion designs about which every aspiring fashion designer must know. There are many types of fashion designing courses that a student can opt for. Mostly, undergraduate courses are preferred as they help in a clear understanding of the industry. Here is the list of Fashion designing courses offered in India.

Courses in Fashion Designing :

  1.         B.Sc. in Fashion and Apparel Designing
  2.         B.Sc. in Fashion Business and Retail Management
  3.         B.Sc. in Lifestyle and Accessory Design
  4.         B.Des. (Fashion Design)
  5.         B.Des (Textile Design)
  6.         B.Des (Leather Design)
  7.         B.Des (Accessory Design)
  8.         B.Des (Knitwear Design)
  9.         B.Des (Apparel Production)
  10.         B.Des. (Fashion Communication)
  11.         B.A. (Hons) Fashion Design
  12.         B.A. (Hons) Fashion Styling and Image Design
  13.         B.A. (Hons) Communication Design
  14.         B.A. (Hons) Jewellery Design
  15.         MBA in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management
  16.         MBA in Fashion Design and Business Management
  17.         MBA in Textile Management
  18.         M.Sc. in Fashion Designing

The time span of an under-graduate degree is 3-4 years, while the post-graduate degree program consists of a 2 years curriculum. If you are interested in short-term courses then you can pursue diploma courses in fashion designing. There are several diploma courses that are offered by various institutes. Let’s take a look at these courses.

diploma courses in fashion designing

  1.   Diploma in Fashion Designing
  2.  Diploma in Apparel Merchandising
  3.  Diploma in Fashion Communication
  4.  Advanced Diploma in Fashion Designing
  5. Specialisations in Fashion Journalism/ Theatre Costume Designing/ Fashion Styling/ Fashion Forecasting/ Fashion & Law
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There are certain skills that are required to be a fashion designer. One needs to be artistic and have a creative personality. A student must possess these qualities in order to be a fashion designer.

skills that are required to be a fashion designer

  •         Creativity and artistic taste
  •         Good Communication Skills
  •         Good at Drawing
  •         Ability to think in three dimensions to translate visualisation into garments
  •         Business acumen
  •         Eye for detail
  •         Persuasiveness
  •         Good understanding of market and customer lifestyle
  •         Sensitivity to colours, shades and tones
  •         Originality and innovativeness
  •         Goal-oriented
  •         Interest in sketching
  •         Visual imagination
  •         Observation

To get into a fashion designing college you need to appear for entrance exams. Most of the educational institutes shortlist the candidates on the basis of their merit showcased in this test. Some of the popular fashion design entrance exams are as follows

  •         NIFT Entrance Exam
  •         Pearl Academy Entrance Exam
  •         GD Goenka DAT
  •         NID Entrance Exam
  •         IIAD Entrance Exam
  •         AIEED
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Overall, fashion designing is a great field to have a career in. It is a promising industry with great ROI. There are many institutes of fashion designing all across the country. Apart from that, there are many online courses that teach fashion designing. Hunar Online Courses is such an online platform, which offers courses like Garment making, Jewellery Designing, Fashion Styling, Fabric Designing and many more. At Hunar Online, you will get access to detailed video lessons and can learn from anywhere. You will get 24/7 faculty support and a chance to learn from the experts of the industry.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Hunar Online Courses and start paving a new path to your career.

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