October is almost coming to an end and this year is also going on. So decorate your home in a new way and welcome new festivals with a new door! This festival redecorates your home in a new and trendy style with these DIY home décor ideas. Let’s have a look on these DIY home décor ideas below:-


The house starts from the entrance door of the house. The door frame is the mirror of the house. If the entrance door of your house is clean and beautiful, then the person coming inside also feels relaxed. To décor home entrance, you can use small plants, outdoor chairs and all.


Change your living room style with new accessories. It can be-

  1. Flower Centrepieces.
  2. Table Vases.
  3. Decorative Trays.
  4. Table Runners.
  5. Placemats.
  6. Charger Plates.
  7. Colourful Candles.
  8. Napkin Rings or Tissue Papers
  9. Tiny Size Decorative Plants
  10. Cup Plates
  11. Fabric Napkins


Make your bed head clean and natural. A neat bed head gives you mental peace and calm. Discoloured or worn bedheads can also make your bed look old and uninviting. Replacing the headboard is an inexpensive way to redesign and elevate your bed frame.


If you have an outdoor area in your home then you are more blessed. Creative are not limited to indoor but outdoors as well. You can decorate your outdoor section with plenty of things. Like you can plant some colourful flower’s tree, hanging lights, bells, etc.


You can decorate your home with candles in your Pooja room, dining table, bedside table, coffee table, living room, bathroom, etc. Jewellery, beads, lace and fabrics reinvent candles with classic and chic elements are just a few of the materials you can use to update or create new. It is also a thoughtful and sentimental gift.


Small plants are perfect for living rooms, balconies and galleries. You can buy artificial houseplants to decorate your walls and tables. You can also hang small plants on your balcony. Plants are an inexpensive way to bring nature indoors. Interior designers use houseplants to fill empty corners, add warmth, and add character, texture, or colour.


Vertical stripes make the ceiling appear taller, while horizontal stripes make the room appear larger, making them ideal for smaller rooms. Red is the best colour to match with stripes. Using vertical stripes in an already large room will emphasise the height of the ceiling and the spaciousness of the room.


In addition to plants, many artificial DIY home décor accessories are also available in markets As well – antiques, candles, books and a great many decorative items. Design candles in different ways. To decorate your home with candles, you can decorate them in many different ways.


Décor your wall with different items that you can easily get from the markets or at shopping malls. They can be Wallpapers, Photo Frames, Antique wall clocks, Hanging items and many more. Paint your wall with natural light shade colours. It will give you a soothing effect.


Add stars to your home with other DIY home décor ideas. Create a work of art by arranging your favourite pieces with strings, colours, feathers, and more. Turn fun holiday treasures into seaside décor by crafting seashell mobiles from beach-collected shells. This professional-looking DIY home décor accessoryhangs or looks well. Create beautiful hanging glass candle holders using recycled bottles and mason jars.


Rugs or Doormats are very important items of the house. Do not ignore or leave out your home floor. It’s not only keeping the floor clean but never carrying so much space. Décor your floors or staircase with small rugs and sitting accents. Keep shoe racks and add colours in it.


Home Decorations are incomplete without lighting. It will not only enhance the look of your home but décor also. You can hang different types of bulbs, tube lights or decorative lights as per your DIY home décor. Also, you can replace the old lights with new ones with more colours.

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