Easy Candle Making Ideas for Home Décor

Easy Candle Making Ideas for Home Décor

Candles are the best way to change the atmosphere of your home and make it feel more elegant. These days, candle making is an art that many people are taking interest in. Decorating your home with candles is the easiest way to add good home décor items to your home. Candle making is now being looked at as an important creative skill and many online platforms are offering certified candle making courses.


There are multiple styles and ways to make candles but the beauty of a candle truly lies in the candle holder when you use it for home décor. Candle making is incomplete without an attractive, good looking candle holder. Candle holders can be placed in different spots of your home and you can design the candle stand in a way that it goes well with your home interiors. There are many different materials you can use to make attractive candle holders at home. Here’s a list of DIY candle holders that you can make by using materials that are handy at your home.


6 DIY Candle Holders that You Can Make at Home


1.Decorated Glasses


All of us have spare glasses at home that are not used on a daily basis. You can decorate these glasses with glitter, stones, paints and other artistic materials to make it look bright and shiny from the outside. You can then use the simplest technique in candle making of pouring hot wax into the glass with a wick in the center. This way you will have a candle stand that you can use multiple times. Once the wax is old, you can simply melt more wax and recycle the candle. This method can be used for making candles for special occasions like Diwali. You can use contrasting colours and make a whole set of decorated and shiny glass candles.


candles in a decorated glass

Image Source: Pinterest

2.Old Plastic Containers


You can also use old plastic containers like used bottles, old tiffin boxes, uniquely shaped containers and many such items. Just like the glass candles, you can use a variety of decorative materials and decorate these plastic containers from the outside. Candle making is all about being abstract and creative and making good looking holders. You can place these candle holders at various spots in your house such as your tea-table, your dining table or even your dressing table inside your bedroom. You can colour containers of different shapes and sizes using the same patterns to create an attractive bunch of holders.

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3.Glass Water Bottles


Water bottles can make very attractive candle stands. The mouth of the water bottle will exactly fit the base of a candle. If you also have glass bottles of different shapes and sizes at home, make use of them in candle making as well. You can fill the bottles with water and put decorative materials like glitter and marbles inside of the water. This will give a very royal and attractive look to your holder. You can also attach stones of different colours and sizes on the outside of the bottles to make artistic patterns.


4.Flowers Using Plastic Spoons and Glasses


This is one of the most used technique to recycle plastic spoons. The technique is to cut the mouth of the spoons and arrange them in a floral pattern. You can then stick these spoons on the outside of a glass and paint it using golden or silver paints. Then just like the glass candle making technique you can pour melted wax inside of the glass. This stand will look extremely royal and elegant when placed on your showcase or tea-table. You could also use funky colours like green, yellow or blue if you are making these candles for your kids’ bedrooms. But the real look of this candle will amplify only if you use sparkly colours to paint the spoon like gold, silver or copper.


candles using plastic spoons


Image source: Momtastic


5.Attaching Laces to Glasses


Another method of candle making using glasses is by using thick decorative laces and wrapping them around the glass that you are planning to use. These laces can easily be bought from any stationery shop or you can also use laces from your old dresses or sarees. The trick is to carefully wrap these laces around the glass in a way that melted wax from the candle does not fall on them. Since a lace is nothing but thin cloth material there is a chance that hot wax might burn or melt them.


candles holders with laces


Image Source: Wonderful DIY


6.Plaster of Paris


Plaster of Paris is something that is easily available these days. Candle making using plaster of Paris will allow you to create a variety of shapes and sizes. All you need to do is make a plaster of Paris mixture and then mold it in the way you like. You can make stands of different shapes and then decorate them from the outside using different artistic material. You can then directly pour melted wax in your dried mold. This way you will have a decorative candle that you can use multiple times.


POP Candle Holders


Image Source: YouTube


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