Different Types of Shirts for Men You Can Learn to Create with Our Garment Making Course

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Owning the right shirt to style yourself is very important, no matter what the occasion is. So, this is why you should always own different shirts which can come handy in events, ceremonies, parties, casual outing or anything else you may have in mind. Not only that, apart from gaining knowledge on styling, with our online garment making courses, you can now learn to create such shirts, trousers and much more.

So, here is a list of shirts among other clothes you can learn to create with our garment making classes,

Dress Shirts

Firstly, these are elegant yet define simplicity. A dress shirt is something you must have in your wardrobe and use it when you are thinking to impress for any occasion. They are usually worn with a tuxedo or 3-piece suit.

So, join our garment making courses to learn creating shirts and more for men from home.


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Sometimes, it is too cold for wearing just a t-shirt and too hot to pair your clothes with a jacket. This is where overshirts come handy. You can wear them simply or pair them with a t-shirt. The best pairing of an overshirt is to wear it with a plain white-coloured t-shirt.

You can learn to create such shirts and more with our garment making online classes for men’s wear from home.

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Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirt keeps you warm and stylish, both at the same time. These are usually worn during clod weathers as it is made of thick yet soft fabric. The traditional pattern for a flannel shirt is checkered but you can always innovate. It can be paired with a t-shirt for a stylish look.

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Learn more about fabrics to use and sewing techniques for a better look of clothes with our garment making courses from home. You can get mentoring from Neeta Lulla and become a certified fashion designer.

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