Different Jewellery Designs for Your Outfit

Different Jewellery Designs for Your Outfit

Jewellery designing has been practiced in India for a long time and jewellery has been an integral part of the Indian culture since the beginning of civilization. It holds an utmost importance in the life of men and women in India. Jewellery is not just an accessory for luxury and fashion but it is also considered auspicious in many cultures and society of India. There are a variety of jewellery designs that are worn with different types of outfits and on various occasions.

Indian jewellery designs have their own charm and are loved by the people all across the world. The unique jewellery designs in India attract tourists from far across the globe. From traditional gold jewellery designs to ethnic jewellery like jhumkas, necklaces and others are paired with different outfits for different occasions. Pairing the right type of jewellery with the right dress can make you look organised and attractive. If jewellery is not fashioned with the outfit in the right way it can make you look shabby and unorganised.

As there is a wide variety of jewellery options, we tend to pick the wrong combination most of the time which can ruin the complete look. In order to avoid blunders, you need to have an idea about the different types of jewellery designs and which design goes best with which outfits. Let’s have a look at the different types of jewellery designs for different outfits.

1. Jewellery for Saree

Finding the perfect jewellery that goes well with your saree is very important. Pairing a perfect piece of jewellery with your sraee can elevate your overall look in an instant. For getting a perfect match for your saree you need to know some tips so that you can match your saree with the right type of jewellery. The colour of your saree can be a determining factor for picking up a jewellery piece. You can either pair a matching or contrasted jewellery. Both go well with a saree. You can always experiment with other colours too. Pearl jewellery goes well with sarees of sober and monotone colours with simple borders and prints. Gold jewellery is a perfect match for bright coloured sarees and sarees with heavy embroidery work on them. Gold jewellery designs are generally preferred on special occasions like wedding functions and festivals.

Jewellery for Saree

Image Source- Luggra

2. Jewellery for Lehenga

Lehenga is one of the most sophisticated and delightful traditional dresses that is loved by the Indian women and preferred on special occasions. Lehenga is enjoying a lot of attention in the modern days all across the globe. Picking the right lehenga can be a daunting task but which jewellery goes well with your dress can either make or break your look. Just like a wide variety of jewellery designs there are various designs of lehenga too. Lehenga already has intricate work on it so always make sure to pick the perfect jewellery piece that doesn’t overdo your look. If you go for long dangling earrings make sure to skip the necklace. If you opt for a necklace with your attire go with small sized earrings. A sleek bracelet or a set of metal bangles goes well with this outfit. If your lehenga is embellished and has heavy embroidery work go for simple jewellery pieces that can balance up all the shimmer and glitter.

Jewellery for Lehenga

Image Source- Times of India

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3. Jewellery for Western Dress

Fashion designers always love to experiment with western dresses. It is the most playful and loved dress. The comfort and ease of carrying a western outfit is unmatchable. You can pair some jewellery with these outfits and get a new look. There are numerous ways to pair up jewellery with a western outfit. The neckline of your outfits play a major role in determining the choice of your jewellery.  To get the most out of your jewellery, keep in consideration the neckline of your outfit. For example, long chains and pendants go well with a turtleneck. For deep round necklines shorter pendants with volume can enhance the beauty of the outfit. Similarly, for a strapless dress try pairing up a choker to jazz the whole look and asymmetric necklace goes well with off-shoulder dresses. Make sure to pick the jewellery according to the colour of your outfit. With black, white or neutral coloured garments pick jewellery pieces that stand out and for bright and heavy embellished outfits go for simple and sober jewellery pieces like a minimal pendant or just a ring or a bracelet.  

Jewellery for Western Dress

Image Source- Tistabene

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