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There may be many types of western dresses available in the market but nothing makes a woman look as flattering as a one-piece dress. From the classic Maxi dress to a modern Shirt dress. Women can choose from different types of dresses as per their desire and look amazing in them.

These dresses have become a big part of women’s fashion all over the world. There are many fashion designers like Karl Legerfeld, who took classic dresses and derived various types of modern dresses from them. This gave rise to many fashion designs in the world of dresses, especially. Fashion designers started designing dresses like A-line dress, maxi dress, mini dress, sheath dress, shirt dress and many other kinds.

Now, you can also design all these different kinds of dresses easily from home instead of going out and buying them. You can enrol in an online fashion design course and learn to design them.

How to Become a Western Dress Fashion Designer

There are many online platforms like Hunar Online where you can learn to design many trendy dresses easily. You will have 24/7 support of expert faculty members and learn through video classes.

The different types of modern dresses that you can check are:

1.Maxi Dress

The maxi dress came into existence during the 1960s and was worn by almost every woman during the 1970s. Most of the maxi dresses gather right below the bust and its length is till ankles. You don’t have to make much effort while wearing a maxi dress. It is one of the most classic yet flattering dresses even today.

This type of dress is perfect when you are going out on a casual outing with friends. A maxi dress also looks amazing when going on an informal date. The best part of a maxi dress is that it not only looks stylish but is also very comfortable. They also come in many bold colours, which is the trademark of a maxi dress and various prints. You can pair a maxi dress with gladiator sandals and be ready to go!

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Image Source- Pinterest

2.Wrap Dress

The best part of a wrap dress is that it comes with a fabric which you can use to fasten the dress around your waist. It shows the best curves of a woman which is why it is trending a lot, lately. This dress comes in various kinds of lengths. So, you can decide the length of your dress as per your desire and the place you are going to visit. You can wear this dress to a formal date or even to a park.

You can match a maxi dress with pointed stiletto shoes, with a strappy heel and a tote bag. You don’t have to wear a lot of jewellery either. You can wear a simple classic watch, short neckpiece and look ecstatic.

wrap dress

Image Source- Krafted with Happiness

3.Mini Dress

This is the best outfit to show-off your style. The length of this dress ends just before your knees. These kinds of dresses are easy to wear and you don’t need anything else apart from footwear. It is considered to be one of the most favourite garments during summer. You can wear this dress and complete your everyday errands comfortably by pairing it with a sneaker. You can also add a sling bag and some jewellery depending on your mood.

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 4.Sheath Dress

One of the most simple and elegant dresses is a Sheath dress as it looks amazing. You don’t even need a lot of jewellery when wearing a sheath dress. It is mostly worn by working women as formals. It makes you look extremely sophisticated and gives you a chic personality. You can pair it with a blazer when going to the office and statement necklace for cocktail parties.

sheath dress design

Image Source- Looksgud

5.A-Line Dress

There is nobody who could say that an A-line dress is not flattering as it looks gorgeous on everybody. This dress is so versatile that you can wear it anywhere because of its style appeal. Most of the people don’t wear accessories with this dress, you just need ankle boots and a few rings. To look more stylish with an A-line dress, you can also wear a scarf.

6.Peplum Dress

A peplum dress has a frill over the narrow skirt which goes down till the knees along with the length of the dress. It is the best choice among all kinds of dresses when you want to look elegant and professional. You can also style yourself with a peplum dress for date nights and formal dinner parties.

To make yourself look chicer, you can pair a peplum dress with some cool jewellery like oxidised and other accessories. This increases your overall style and gives you a more ladylike vibe. If you don’t want to wear more jewellery than you can carry a statement clutch for another kind of stylish look.

7.Shirt Dress

Another kind of dress which came into existence during the 1950s but has gained popularity in the last decade. Today, people love to wear a shirt dress as it is the latest ‘cool’ dress today. Ideally, it ends just below the knees but it is designed in many different lengths. If you are an adventurous or sporty woman, then this is the best dress to wear. You can also wear it to attend a lunch date or shopping day-out with your friends.

shirt dress design

Image Source- Pinterest

So, if you want to learn to create amazing Western dresses then you can join our fashion design courses. You will be mentored by 4-time national award-winning fashion designer, Neeta Lulla. After completing your fashion designing course, you will be certified by the Govt. of India and Hunar Online.

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