Choose the Right Fabric for Baby Clothes with Our Garment Making Course

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The first thing you see when buying clothes for babies is the material used to create those garments. It is important to choose fabric that are comfortable and soothing for the baby skin. Making clothes for babies is not tricky, but knowing the fabrics to use for making clothes, blankets, and other essentials come first. In this digital age, all you need is an online garment making course.

Apart from fabric selection, you can also learn about drafting, designing and stitching baby clothes with our online garment making course from home.

To learn garment making for babies, here is a list of best fabrics that you can choose:


The most popular choice for baby apparels is cotton. The reason being cotton is highly absorbent and very soft, which makes it gentle against the skin of babies.

Study more about the right fabrics in detail with our garment making classes and create comfortable clothes for babies.

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Jersey Knit

Another kind of cotton fabric used for making baby clothes is jersey knit. It is easy to sew with and breathable, which is why it quite stretchable. Also, with jersey knit, it is easy to make simple and fun apparel.

Join us in our journey to make comfortable and super-cute clothes for babies with the best garment making institute in India– Hunar Online.

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Bamboo Rayon

Bamboo rayon is not a fabric to make just clothes, but it is also used to create other essentials such as blankets, hats and swaddles. It is a fantastic fabric to make cosy blankets and soft toys.


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So, what are you waiting for? Enrol in the best online garment making course and learn to create some of the most comfortable clothes for your babies.

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