Career Opportunities in Textile Designing

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Textile designing is the process of creating designs for knitted, woven or printed fabrics or surface ornamented fabrics. Also, textile designers are the ones who are involved in the production of these designs. Let’s talk about the textile designing career opportunities.

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Firstly, fashion designing is an evergreen and dynamic field. The scope of the study in the fashion industry is always high. So, studying textile designing online course  is a good choice. So, textiles for fashion designing in India is like that huge billboard at a traffic signal that you can’t ignore.

According to the official data from the Indian government website, it is one of the most capital and labour intensive industry that is contributing four percent to the country’s GDP and 13.5 percent to the annual export earnings. So, we are going to tell you about the scope of textile designing career and the qualities required to work in this field.

Career Opportunities in Textile Designing

Firstly, the textile designing industry is growing in India. Also, it is evolving from the handloom, power loom and craft sectors the newer industries like paper and automobile industries.

Career Opportunities in Textile Designing
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So, a textile designer can be employed in the garment, fashion, home furnishing and the interiors segment among other industries. At this moment, enroling for a textile design course in India is a great idea if you are looking to build a career. Read further to know more details about a career in textile designing.

Essential Qualities Required to Become a Textile Designer

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To have a successful career in the textile designing industry, you will need plenty of initiative and perseverance. Be it the core industry or a high-end design studio, spending time in increasing your professional network can be as valuable as doing textile design courses.

There are two major areas in textile designing. They are:

  • Interiors (upholstery, soft furnishings and carpets)
  • Fabrics for clothing (fashion or specialist)

Most textiles designers work independently. Some work as part of the design teams in fashion firms.

Responsibilities of a Textile Designer

Below are some of the day to day responsibilities of a textile designer:

  • Developing new design concepts.
  • Accurately interpreting and representing the client’s ideas.
  • Working out design formulae for a group of samples.
  • Experimenting with colour, fabric and texture.
  • Staying updated on new designs and production techniques used in the textile industry.
  • Using CAD to develop designs.
  • Improving the network of contacts in the field

Salary Expectations in the Textile Design Career

Like every other field, salaries in textile designing career also vary depending on geographical location and type of the employer. Textile designers also find other sources like teaching to supplement their income.

You are just a click away from achieving your Fashion Designing Dreams.

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