Easy Cake Decoration Tips that Will Make You Look Like an Expert

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Whether it’s a birthday party or a wedding anniversary, every celebration calls for a beautiful cake with amazing cake decoration. Sometimes, the well-decorated cakes can be a little heavy on your budget but don’t worry! We are going to share some easy cake decoration tips with you that can make you look like an expert, even though you are just a beginner.

Before we go any further into this blog, let me make a thing very clear for you. Cake decoration and baking are two separate things. You could be an amazing baker but decorating a cake could be tricky for you. Or, you could be a great artist and decorate cakes in a very creative way but couldn’t do baking that well.

If you are a beginner, you must have these tools at your disposal before starting cake decoration.

  • Rotating Cake Turntable
  • Serrated Cake or Bread Knife
  • Offset Palette Knife
  • Pastry Bag with Tips
  • Cake Smoother/Scraper

1.Rotating Cake Turntable

This tool can ease the task of cake decoration. You can apply ganache or a layering easily and smoothly. A cake turntable ensures that the cake is decorated properly and makes your task significantly easier.

cake turntable

Image Source- CookingTime Journal

2.Serrated Cake or Bread Knife

Serrated cake knives are used to level the cake. Leveling of cakes is very important because the top layer needs to be flat so that the cake doesn’t wobble when you make layers of it. You can level the cakes with the help of serrated cake knives or even use a normal bread knife. However, make sure that the blade of the knife is longer than the diameter of the cake, else you cannot level the surface of the cake nicely. Start off by placing the cake on a turntable and scrape off the uneven surface and slowly rotate the table to ensure that the surface is evenly scraped off. You don’t have to level the bottoms as they are baked in a flat bottomed pan, they are already flat.

3.Offset Palette Knife

Offset palette knife is great for frosting. There is a pre-frosting step where you apply a crumb coat. This is an initial step that seals the crumbs and ensures that you get a smooth surface. It helps in smooth frosting that makes a cake look perfect. Make sure that you chill the cake after applying a crumb coat. This helps in smooth frosting and the cake looks flawless. Be quick in this process while the cake is cool, else the frosting won’t stick to the cake.

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4.Cake Smoother/ Scraper

A cake smoother is used to perfect the surface of the cake after applying the frosting. It gives a smoother finish than the palette knife. To get a smoother finish, make sure that you run the edge along the side of the cake while rotating the table in the opposite direction.

5.Pastry Bag with Tips

Also known as piping bags, these are used to decorate the cake. Your hands must be steady and you should know how much pressure you should apply. Piping bags help a lot to create decorative items for cake decoration and you can give a creative look to your cake. There are different types of nozzles that help to create different designs. You must practice a lot before creating designs on the cake.

piping bags

Image Source- YouTube

These tools can help you get started with cake decoration and with practice you can master the art of decorating cakes.

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