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Allow the eyes to travel through a page full of advertisements and let them rest on the mention of a boutique store. Know about the different aspects of advertisement with the help of fashion designing courses after 12th.

Firstly, the development of trade and industries is not possible without advertisements. All those sources are included in advertising through which the information about newly manufactured commodities is given to the consumer. In present times, all commodities are advertised, whether it is a search for a life partner or a job. From morning till night, we are surrounded by advertisements everywhere. From a calendar in the room to each channel of the television, there are advertisements. Thus, advertising is an art that is related to affecting the public on the utility of a product or service and a fashion designer course after 12th helps you learn that art.

Advantages or Characteristics of Advertisement

 1) Increase in Sale:

By advertising, new customers are attracted and by continuous advertising, the interest of the old customers remains alive. Hence, by explaining the new utilities of the product through advertising, the customer’s curiosity is generated. The effect of all these is an increase in sales.

boutique sales increase
source: loss prevention magazine
2) Knowledge of New Products:

Through advertisements, the customers are informed about the new products. So, on the basis of this information, they can make their life more comfortable by using the new products.

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3) Quick Sales:

Through organised advertising, the market environment becomes favourable and sales of the product increase rapidly.  Due to the timely sales of the product, the trader need not keep the stock for a long time.

4) Goodwill:

Through advertising, the name of the product and organisation becomes popular. In such a situation, it becomes successful in selling its subsidiary products also.

5) Stability in Demand:

Fashion designer course after 12th highlights the fact that advertising reduces the seasonal changes in demand for the product. Hence, it is the result of advertising that winter wear is sold even in summer and summer wear in the winter season.

6) Improvement in the Living Standard:

Advertising provides the latest information to society and inspires it to utilise all the modern gadgets and raise their living standards.

7) Source of income:

The magazines and newspapers derive good income from the advertisers. So, this is the reason that newspapers and magazines are available at a low price in the market. You need several writers, artists and experts are for advertising. Also, many established advertising agencies are have a team of such people. These agencies earn through advertising only.

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8) Benefit of Large-Scale Production:

Through advertising, the demand for a product increases and to fulfil the demand, the manufacturer has to carry out large scale production. As a result, all the benefits of large-scale production are borne by the manufacturer, like-lower cost of production, use of modern machines etc.

9) Easy Selection of the Product:

According to a fashion designer course after 12th, advertising helps the customer in choosing the product and also saves his time.

10) Easy Availability:

The advertised products are easily available in the market and they need not be searched. In this way, the consumers easily find those products.

Disadvantages of Advertisement

1) Changes in Fashion:

Fashions are changed through advertisements which affect both the consumer and the mediator. The consumers have to spend more on purchasing the item of the latest fashion, and the mediators bear the loss on change in fashion because he is either unable to sell or sells at a lower price.

2) Difficulty in Making Decisions:

According to a fashion designer course after 12th, when various products of a similar kind are advertised, the customer faces problems in deciding what to buy.

3) Duplicate Publicity of Products:

Usually, the advertisements contain fictitious and false statements and the advertisers themselves advertise a high-priced product as that of a lower price. The consumer is influenced by such advertisements and as a result, he is fooled.

4) Spoils the Clean Cities:

The advertisements occurring on walls, crossroads, etc. spoil the beauty of the cities and the walls are also spoilt by ink.

5) Moral Degradation of the Society:

Some cheap advertisements displaying human weaknesses are responsible for the moral degradation of society.

6) Competition:

The fashion designer course after 12th highlights the fact that advertising gives birth to competition due to which prices have to be reduced. The reduced prices degrade the quality of the product.


Image Source: Forbes India

 7) Higher Prices:

The expenditure of advertisement is added to the price of the product. As a result of which the prices increase and put an unnecessary burden on the consumers.

8) Tendency to Cheat:

Advertising has developed the tendency to cheat more. The manufacturers or sellers keep fooling the simple consumers by falsely praising their products. The traders who sell by post have got a good opportunity to cheat the customers. For example- an automatic camera for ₹100, a magic ring for ₹50 which grants all wishes, etc.


By analysing the merits and demerits of advertisement with the help of various types of fashion designing courses after 12th, we can say, “Money spent on an advertisement is an investment, not a waste” because investment gives several benefits to producers, middlemen, consumers and society.

In the modern business era, this a myth that high quality and low prices for products don’t need advertising. Today production takes place in one part of the country, while consumption of that product is around the world. Thus, according to a fashion designer course after 12th, without advertisement consumers cannot be informed about the qualities and low prices of products.

Apart from this, demand for products increases from advertisement, due to which production on a large scale becomes possible. As a result, the per-unit cost of the product becomes less and the quality of the product also becomes better. Hence advertisement is useful from every point of view.

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Make space to accommodate more and more customers. Learning about advertisement with the help of fashion designing courses after 12th is sure to increase sales.

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