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Different Types of Beaded Jewellery Designs!

Indian jewellery designs are available in a wide range and can go well with almost every outfit and every occasion. Beads & wire, thread & clay, gold, rose gold, diamond and many other materials are used for making jewellery. These days, beads and wire jewellery are in trend as they can go well with both Indian and western outfits. It is also inexpensive and can be made at home easily using our creativity. There are a variety of beads that are used in jewellery designing. These can be expensive and cheap both. Swarovski is one of the leading brands that creates world-class beaded jewellery.

You can create beautiful designs using beads. Let’s have a look at the different types of beads one-by-one:

1.Glass Beads

Glass beads are generally used to make a beaded necklace and are visually appealing. They shine in the light and can easily catch the attention of people. Glass beads come in various colours and can be used to create a variety of beaded jewellery that can complement every look and outfit.


glass beads


Image Source- Gutermann creativ


2.Plastic Beads


Plastic beads are used to create necklaces, bracelets, etc. and they come in various colours. They are mostly preferred because they are cheaper than other beads and are widely available. As plastic is light in weight, jewellery made out of plastic beads is also light in weight and easy to carry.


3.Seed Bead


Seed bead can be made of plastic or glass and is available in many shapes and sizes. Generally, you will find seed beads in small sizes. The jewellery items made out of these are extremely delicate and beautiful. They are also used in embroidery and loom work.


4.Cylinder Beads


These are a variety of seed beads, that are generally small in size and cylindrical in shape. The specialty of these beads is that you can use them to create beautiful jewellery and they can also be used to make pretty embroidery designs.


5.Charlotte Beads


Charlotte beads are very unique and have a beautiful shape. These are a type of seed beads where the side of the bead is cut to make them sparkle. Charlotte beads are also known as ‘true cuts’ or ‘one cuts’.


Beaded jewellery is a fit for any and every occasion and many jewellery pieces can be created out of it, like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, etc. Let’s have a look at different types of beaded jewellery.

1.Wrap-Around Bead Bracelet


This bracelet is a perfect example of bead and wire jewellery and can be worn with both traditional and western outfits. It gives a trendy & feminine look and can be a perfect substitute for wristwatches or bangles. The best thing about a wrap-around bracelet is that it will never go out of fashion.


wrap around bead bracelets


Image Source- Claires Charms and Gifts


2.Modern Seed Bead Necklace


What makes the seed bead necklace a speciality is the fact that it can be worn on the simplest dress and yet will give a very modern and chic look. In this necklace, glass beads and plastic beads of different colours can be used together to form a beautiful pattern. Every jewellery lover should have one of these pieces with them.


3.Simple Glass Bead Necklace


This type of jewellery can be found with almost everyone. It is light in weight and can be worn on a daily basis. Because it is simple looking, it gives a sophisticated look.


4.Peyote Stitch Bracelets


Peyote stitch is an off-loom technique and can be easily found in designer beaded jewellery. This type of bracelet is a perfect fit when you are looking for a modern yet comfortable bracelet. You can wear this at parties and also on a daily basis. As this bracelet has a very innovative design, it is loved by many women.



5.Art Bead Bracelet


This is one of the simplest beaded jewellery designs. It can go easily with every western outfit. It is generally made of colourful plastic beads. As it is vibrant and light in weight, it is perfect for summers. You can wear it at any time to lighten and brighten your mood. Art bead jewellery can be easily made at home and women of every age group, including teens and children love it very much.


6.Beaded Anklets


Beads can be used to make anklets too. These days anklets are in trend and are loved by women a lot. Beaded anklets can be worn with any dress or shorts. They are perfect for a picnic or beaches as they give a very casual and chic look to your ankle.


beaded anklet


Image Source- Pinterest


7.Beaded Ivory Necklace


Ivory necklaces are very unique and can never go out of style. It has a very soothing look and looks best with gowns and dresses. It is perfect for an office party or a cocktail party. Women prefer to wear dark colour outfits with beaded ivory necklaces to get that contrasting chic look. These necklaces can also be perfect for gifting.


beaded ivory necklace


Image Source- Fish Creek Company


The list of beaded jewellery designs is never ending, and you can pick a perfect piece for every occasion and outfit. People assume that jewellery making is very tough but that is not the case. To master this skill, you just need to be consistent. Hunar Online Courses offers a Jewellery Designing Course where you can use your creative skills and create different types of jewellery easily for different occasions. Hunar online provides you access to video tutorials and gives you the freedom to learn from the comfort of your home. Hunar online has successfully helped women start their own boutiques and create meaningful brands.

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