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Online Baking Courses

Sweets and desserts are the first thing that comes to mind on special occasions and celebrations. In most homes, celebration means cake. There are a variety of online courses that can make you proficient in baking. Hunar’s baking course online trains you and teaches you recipes for popular baked goods!

When we think of Baking- the first thing that comes to mind is cake. In fact, baking isn’t related not only to cakes but also to chocolates, cookies, etc. In our online baking course, you will be made to study the recipes of all these.

Nowadays there are different types of courses available in the online market. Most of them only teach how to make cakes, others do not pay attention to baking. All these courses are available on a single platform through our online baking course. With this, you will not only get an opportunity to learn the skill of baking, but you can also start your own baking business. You can become a skilled baker or you can open your cake shop. This course not only keeps your skills sharp but also shows the way to become self-reliant.

In our online baking classes, we are providing 4 types of courses:

  1. All in one Baking Courses
  2. All in one Cake Making Course
  3. Short Baking Course
  4. Short Cake Making Course
  5. Chocolate Making Course Online


In this online baking course, you will study small nuances related to baking. More than 40 recipes have been included in this course, for which different classes have been prescribed. In this course, you will learn how to make every single food item that we usually bake. It helps to make you self-reliant and confident. Through these online baking classes, thousands of women have learned a new skill and have also got financial independence.

With our online baking courses, you get a chance to learn a lot of things like bread, cookies, chocolate, etc. sitting at home. Now you will get all these courses on just one platform at your home. Along with this, you also get a chance to learn from our experts and talk face to face with them. In this online baking course, we give a platform to all the women of the country where they can brush and showcase their “HUNAR”.


The second and most important course in our online baking course is All in one Cake Baking Course. At every celebration, there is some cake or no cake. Come join us for an online cake-making course. Where you will learn many methods of making cakes. Where you find more than 40 types of cakes and their methods. In this online cake-making course, you learn cake making as well as cake presentation. Nowadays everything comes in the light which is adorned. Just as we can show our inner beauty outside by makeup, we can display our baking skills in front of everyone by decorating the cake.

This online baking course is specially designed for women who want to become a pastry chef. In this section, you will learn about cake baking skills for all types of cakes available in the market.


The third online baking course that this online video course provides is a short baking course. This is a short-term baking course, in which you will be able to learn small nuances of baking in a short time. This online baking course covers small elements that go a long way in baking and cake making.

More than 30 recipes and information on baking food are available in this short-term baking course. This course can prove to be helpful for all those women and girls who want to learn baking skills in a short time.


The fourth course in our online baking courses is Short Cake Making Course. Here is an online baking course, a short form of cake-making course. In which you can learn to make different types of cakes in a short time through a small course.

Through this course, you will learn to make different types of cakes sitting at home like Black Forest Cake, Strawberry Cake, Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Cake, etc.


The last course of our online baking course is Chocolate making course. It is not possible to talk of baking and not to reveal the chocolate. The sweetest and most delicious of our online baking courses is the Chocolate Making Course. Through this course, you will be taught how to make chocolates from a chocolate base, use them in cakes, or sell them independently.

Nowadays chocolate has become necessary in the name of sweetness. Everyone from kids to adults likes chocolate. Chocolate is used in cakes as well as milkshakes etc. The online chocolate-making courses can make you a good chocolate maker. Upon completion of this course, you get a certificate certified by the Government of India, through which you can work anywhere like a chocolate maker or open your chocolate shop.

Let’s see the Merits of this Online Cake Baking Course

  • This course will be beneficial for all those women who want to make a career in baking. They will get a great platform with the best teachers.
  • Here you can easily learn to make all the things found in the bakery shop.
  • After this course, you will be ready to open your own bakery shop or you can join as a pastry chef in some leading restaurant.
  • This online baking course is designed to make women self-reliant and boost their confidence along with skill education. You will get all these facilities sitting at home.

Now-a-days, cookies, cakes, pastries, etc. topics are often trending on social media. This online baking course can give women a new direction in their careers.

So, start learning with Hunar Online and get 24×7 Faculty support, certification from Govt. of India and support in starting your own business!

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