Tote bags are in fashion nowadays. Let’s see how to make a bag with tote bag tutorials. Follow each and every directions for tote bag making


  • Cloth Fabric- Cotton
  • Measurement for Cotton Fabric- ½ metre
  • Fabric for Inner Lining- ½ metre
  • For Interfacing- ½ metre.
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Measuring Tape or Scale
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Iron
  • For Tote Bag Decoration-
  • Sticker Scale
  • Stickers
  • Thread and Needle
  • Cloth Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Glue Pen
  • Other Decorative Items.


Choose fabric as per your using needs. It means to say that if you are making a bag for light use then you can choose cotton fabric. If you are planning to use this tote bag for a show piece or occasionally, then you have to choose colourful or silk fabric or polyester. But if you want to make a tote bag for daily usage or to carry heavy materials, then you should go for heavy fabric like canvas or denim.


Let’s start tote bag body stitching! Cut the fabric as per desired length. Here according to the fabric measurement, we will cut the fabric in two pieces for back and front by “18 x 14”. The shape of the fabric should be rectangular. Again cut the same measurement of fabric for interfacing. For making canvas, you need to cut two 21′ inches.

To make the base of the tote snip 2 x 2” by bottom corners. Turn the lining inside out and align it with the outer material. Pin the canvas strap between the inner and outer fabric so that his two ends on one side face the front and his two ends on the other face the back of the bag. Pin the end of each canvas strap about 10 cm from the side seam and pin the edge of the fabric around the opening of the bag. Starting at the side seam, sew his 1/2 inch stitch almost all over the bag, stopping 4 inches short of him at the starting point.


After stitching all the bag bodies, now we will start making the handles. This catches all four ends of him on the canvas handles, leaving enough room for him to rotate. Pull both the fabric and the strap through the 4 inch gap and turn the tote inside out. Press lightly with a warm iron to smooth out wrinkles. Finish the edges by stitching the entire mouth of the tote together. This also strengthens the canvas handles and helps fill in any gaps left to rotate in the previous step.

Source: Rookie Mag


Now, you know how to make a bag stitch and this is the time of tote decoration. One of the simplest and most popular ways to decorate fabric is to use a sticker scale. Just put the scale on the fabric and start colouring with fabric or oil paint. It will create some small stickers, like stars, smiley, etc. Apart from that you can stitch buttons or knots on the front side of the tote. Also with the help of glue gun or fabric glue stick, you can stick the readymade decorative and cute items. Those can be easily available in the market.

Yippee! Your Tote Bag is ready to Use.


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