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7 Tools You Need for Your Own Sewing Patterns

If you are passionate about garment construction, you might have the dream to create your own sewing patterns. Are you puzzled about what tools are required to sew patterns? In this article, we will talk about the tools required to make your own sewing patterns. Read further to know what are they.

1 – Tape

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A tape is needed while changing the design of a pattern or while adding pleats. Scotch tape is used while making patterns as it is easy to remove in case it gets attached anywhere by mistake. However, if you find any other tape that works just as good, go for it!

2 – Tracing Wheel

Tracing wheel is one amazing tool that can be used to trace the pattern onto another piece of paper without ruining the original one. It is useful in basic pattern making while transferring the markings from one pattern piece to another.

3 – Pencil

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The reason why the pencil is used in pattern making process is that you can easily erase in case there are mistakes. Also, they are available at a much cheaper cost.

4 – Eraser

Just like a pencil, erasers are cheaper and are effective in creating patterns. It doesn’t rip or tear your paper and leaves a clean surface with no trace of the erased line.

5 – Scissors or Rotary Cutter

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You can either use a rotary cutter or scissors to cut out your pattern. Keeping both the tools is almost meaningless. However, remember that a rotary cutter requires a cutting mat which can be an additional cost.

6 – 18” C-Thru Ruler

A C-thru ruler is useful in seeing your lines while illustrating in the Garment Creation process. These types of scales are available in any of the fabric stores. C-thru ruler is precisely useful while drawing perpendicular lines.

7 – Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is used for obvious reasons in garment creation. You can also use this to measure the curved areas on your patterns like an armhole or a neckline.

The tools that are mentioned in the article are everything you need to make your own sewing patterns. If you wish to learn more about how to create garment patterns, Hunar Online Courses is the perfect destination. You can enhance your garment making skills by watching online videos at your own pace.

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