6 Steps To Start With Metalsmithing

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Smithing is one of the oldest metalworking occupations. Metalsmithing in jewellery designing is the process of crafting various metals into useful items. A metalsmith is the one who hammers the horseshoes and does ironwork over a roaring fire. Though some of the processes of blacksmithing and metalsmithing are similar, metalsmithing is considered a different profession altogether.

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Every jewellery design college allots a chapter or two on metalsmithing. That’s how important it is to learn metalsmithing in jewellery designing. By the end of this blog, you are going to learn the steps involved in metalsmithing.

Step 1: Annealing

Softening the hard metal takes place before the beginning of the metal fabrication task. Softening the metal is important because it must be annealed throughout the metalsmithing process.

Step 2 – Cutting, drilling, and sawing

Cutting, drilling and sawing the metal is done using instruments like jeweller’s saw, tin snips, other cutting pliers, drilling attachments on flex shafts, disc cutters, or metal punches.

Step 3 – Filing and sanding

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The edges should be filed with metal files and/or sanded with steel wool. Sanding removes the sharp edges and dangerous burs left on the metal.

Step 4 – Forming

Turning a flat metal sheet into a three-dimensional shape for metal jewellery is called forming. Methods like raising, fold forming, dapping/doming, chasing are used for forming.

Step 5 – Joining

Metal can be joined via hot connections such as soldering and fusing or cold connections such as riveting, weaving, with screws or tabs.

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Step 6 – Finishing

Finishing is the final or near-final step in metalsmithing which involves steps like sanding, polishing, and buffing to create the smoothness on the Jewell.

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