6 Popular Types of Women’s Jeans

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We know you love to look gorgeous and trendy, and hence would love to try a pair of jeans on! But before you go to buy your favourite jeans, why don’t you know about a few types of jeans in fashion design? Just check them out!

As more and more women have started working, they have accepted Western wear because of their comfort element. If you are into garment creation these days, your skills will have to be expanded to include western wear.

Now, irrespective of size, there’s no one jeans that fit and looks good on every woman. As you learn garment creation online, you will find that there’s more to a garment like jeans that you need to consider while making them.

In the scope of garment fashion design for western wear, you must know that there are more such garments in the category that are made for a purpose and for certain body types. This has to be understood before starting with the popular types of women’s jeans.

So are you ready to go through a list of jeans types for women? Here we go!

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Mid Rise Jeans

This is one of the most popular jeans which is majorly worn by women with a wide waist. The jeans sit just below the belly button. You can use this as a formal as well as party wear.

High Rise Jeans

A pair of high rise jeans perfectly accentuates your natural waistline and suits an hourglass figure the best.

Straight Jeans

Also called Cigarette jeans, it’s straight and narrow in form and does not widen at the ankles. A normal curvy woman can wear it. It’s also a good alternative for skinny jeans. This is one of the most comfortable forms of jeans.

Boot-Cut Jeans

This type of jeans suits almost all body shapes. It’s a fashion of the ’70s and the ’80s. It streamlines the look of the wearer and even makes them look taller!

Wide-Leg Jeans

A loose-fitting jeans type, it features a wide opening right from the thighs. It’s very comfortable and looks best with fitted tops.

Capri Jeans

Capri jeans are fitting jeans that can be worn to flaunt the figure of your well-toned legs. The length of the jeans ends above the calf.

So, have you found your go-to type of jeans from these? You can explore more varieties and make the right choice smartly.

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