6 Parts & Functions of a Traditional Sewing Machine

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There are different types of equipment used in Garment Construction. Sewing machines are one of the equipment. It has a mechanically-driven needle which is used to stitch garments.

A sewing machine plays an important role in Indian Dress Pattern Making. It is important to know about the basic parts and their functions that help in stitching garments.

Here are a few parts & functions in a basic traditional sewing machine:

Foot Pedal

It controls the speed and depends on the force we apply to it. It is an important part of a high-speed traditional sewing machines. In the modern ones, the speed can be set by one single adjustment. With just a push of a button, even the start & stop can be controlled.

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Hand Wheel

It is used to increase and decrease the speed of the sewing needle manually to provide better control in positioning the fabric. The clutch knob inside the wheel acts as a safety feature. When the knob is pulled out, it avoids the needle from jabbing up and down while winding a bobbin.

Reverse Lever

It is placed on the front side of the sewing machine. It can be used to reverse stitch while sewing the end of every seam to secure it.

Spool Pin and Holder

It holds the thread used for sewing and controls the threads’ direction as it goes through the machine.

Pattern Selector

It is used to decide the kind of stitch to be sewn on Textile Designing, for example, straight stitches or zigzag ones. Based on the type of a machine, a variety of stitches can be selected.

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Take-Up Lever

The take-up lever moves up and down during the stitch formation to provide an extra thread. While forming the loop, it takes back the needle thread after each stitching is set. It is used to regulate the needle thread tension at an optimum level.

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