6 Home Interior Decor Ideas for your Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Home Decor Ideas

Your master bedroom is your getaway from the monotonous busy life, and to design it according to your taste can be really tricky. With the increasing demand for home interior décor, you now have a choice to decorate your bedroom the way you like it.

Your home interior must be personalized and should reflect your personality. Home interior décor ideas come in many varieties but you must pick something that you won’t get bored of easily. Here are some home interior décor tips which can help channel your ideas in the right direction, and give your bedroom the best decor of all time.

Interior Décor Ideas for your Master Bedroom

1.Add Contrasting Furniture

A room where you come to relax, ideate, or express your feelings needs to have the right colours and furniture. Instead of choosing bold primary colours like deep blue, yellow, or red, going for subtle pastel colours like off-white, toasty browns, deep pomegranate, or topaz and contrasting furniture will create a calming and cozy environment. Since it’s a bedroom and not the hall, furniture needs to be of the right size, which doesn’t overcrowd the bedroom.

For instance, a queen size bed paired with a round side table, and a tall headboard (if the ceiling is high) will help create a minimal look, and also offer you an organised and comfortable space. Home interior décor is all about making the best use of space.  Large rooms with extremely small furniture can be off-putting, one has to make sure to look for the right size which compliments the size of the room, wall colours, and other decors. Apart from a small side table where you can put your phone, earphones, wallets, and keys, buy a medium-size dressing table with at least 3-4 drawers.

bedroom furniture design

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2.Add Plants

You can now see plants as a common part of people’s home interior décor. To add a calming effect to your bedroom, place a couple of houseplants like Pothos, Snake Plant, etc. Create a corner in your room with plants, and the right mood lighting for creative thinking, or for your ‘me time’. Indoor plants are low maintenance and easy to grow, they give you an escape from your monotonous life without having to put in too much effort.

Every bedroom needs a corner with a small coffee table by the window, a comfortable chair, and a couple of small plants to add aesthetics to the room, and to put you in the right mood. It is important to place the plants strategically near the window, so they get just enough sunlight. Plants are the refreshing elements of the room, and will instantly update the look of your home interior décor. Having placed a plant or two in your room will always keep you motivated to grow.

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3.Paint Your Room

The most important and difficult decision while decorating your room is, choosing the right colours. One may want to go with their favourite colour, however, it is advisable to paint your room walls which are complementary to your furniture, and the view from your window. This is what will create the best home interior décor for your master bedroom

Ideally, subtle colours on all four walls complimentary with the curtains and bedspreads will make the room look beautiful. Adding a personal element is equally important, hence, one must take their time in deciding the right colour keeping in mind their taste, colour, and entire room’s design.

4.Add Colourful Lights

If you are going light with your furniture, and wall colours, the best to more home interior décor elements to your room is by adding colour lights and or pretty fairy lights in the room. One can place the lights above the head of the bed or the study table could be a great place too. Ambient lighting in the evenings and at night is the perfect way for decorating your room. Fairy lights are ideal for anyone and everyone be it a couple, a young girl, or siblings.


Table lamps can be another option, they can be placed in the corners of the room or beside the bed, and one on the dressing table. Colourful lights that reflect from the ceiling can be an addition too, it almost gives you a stargazing experience. A date night or a sleepover can have beautiful fairy lights around, making it a fun time; on a side note, good fairy lights or colourful lights also allow one to take great photographs and capture the memories in a beautiful setup.

 lights in the bedroom

Image source: The Architecture Designs

5.Add Family Photographs

What is a bedroom without photographs with family and friends? Your master bedroom is your comfort space, so are your family members and friends. Thus these definetly need to be a part of your home interior décor ideas. Without making it look too clumsy, one can add black and white photo frames with friends and family, which will remind them of good times on bad days, it will always be a reminder that one is not alone. Family photographs with rustic frames will create a sense of support and add beauty to your interiors.

6.Add Wall Stickers/Posters

Apart from pictures with family and friends, some posters of your favourite TV/Film characters, movies, or music bands can also occupy some space on your bedroom walls. Some prefer motivational quotes, some prefer cool posters or floral wall stickers, either of them will add more life to your bedroom. It is your way of adding a personal touch, that way the room will reflect your personality and mood. Your bedroom is a place dedicated to you created with your favourite elements, and space where you can relax, watch movies, read books, or talk to your loved ones.

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