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Jewellery Designing of the Most Popular Jewellery Pieces in the World


Throughout history, there have been several pieces of jewellery that have become popular because of their unique designs. Jewellery designing like any other form of art, is very intricate and well-designed pieces of jewellery can tell a strong story. All the popular pieces of jewellery have a strong story attached to them. Jewellery designing is now being practiced by a high number of people more professionally. Jewellery designing courses that offer certificates are now an important step in any jewellery designer’s career. If you want to be a successful jewellery designer, it always helps to know what the most liked jewellery designs in the world are. These old and popular designs have highly inspired contemporary designers to recreate the magic of historical jewellery.


Some pieces of jewellery can never go out of fashion and they have always been in the limelight. Let us take a look at some of the most popular pieces of jewellery in the world.


The Most Popular Jewellery Pieces in the World


1.The Hope Diamond


This diamond is probably one of the most famous diamonds in the entire world. The hope diamond has its origin in India and was first earned by King Louis XIV of France. This beautiful blue colour diamond is an extremely precious jewel. Although the jewellery designing of this diamond is very simple, it is the story attached to the diamond that makes it popular. It is said that the owner of the hope diamond attracts a curse in their life the moment they decide to own it. It is said that the hope diamond has always been unlucky. This is because according to a story, the hope diamond was first stollen from an idol in India and thus the owner of the diamond was forever cursed by the almighty.


The Hope Diamond


Image Source: Wikipedia


2.The Koh-i-Noor Diamond


This diamond is possibly the most famous diamond in the whole world. The Koh-i-Noor diamond has had its origins in India but is now with the Queen of England. The jewellery designing of this diamond is extremely simple, but the design of the crown is a brilliant masterpiece. The Koh-i-Noor is India’s pride since it is one of the largest pieces of uncut diamonds in the world. Currently, the Koh-i-Noor is the main part of the crown of Queen Elizabeth but Indians have always wanted to get this diamond back to its land of origin.


Kohinoor diamond


Image Source: The Guardian



 3.The Panther Bracelet


Wallis Simpson’s panther shaped bracelet is also very well known among jewellery artists in the world. The unique jewellery designing of this bracelet is what made it so famous among everyone. This bracelet is in the shape of a panther and is also very intricately and carefully designed. The panther bracelet is an inspiration for many jewellery makers around the world to try and create such pieces that have a strong story attached to them. The owner of this famous bracelet was known to be a lover of collecting jewellery.


the panther bracelet cartier


Image source: ru.pinterest


4.Princess Diana’s Engagement Ring


This simple ring with a black sapphire in the middle is again another marvellous piece of jewellery that is owned by the British Royals. The jewellery designing used to make this ring is something that any jewellery artist would be able to easily recreate but the simplicity of this ring and its value cannot be copied. This ring is currently worn by one of the British Royals but the valuation of this ring is extremely high. This ring is one of the most famous rings known throughout history.


princess diana's engagement ring


Image Source: The National


5.The Tiffany Yellow


The tiffany necklace is currently the most famous necklace in the world. The jewellery designing of this necklace is very complicated but it is popular for the yellow diamond that is attached right in the middle of the necklace. This diamond has been attached on different necklaces in the past but the current yellow necklace is the most loved by everyone. Many jewellery designers try to include this diamond in their designs as a part of their imagination. As a jewellery designer, one should know about the Tiffany diamond and its history.


Tiffany Yellow


Image source: Pinterest


This is a little about the most famous pieces of jewellery designs in the world. If you are looking to be a jewellery designer, knowing about the history of these jewels is important. As a jewellery designer, one always wants to create pieces of jewellery that will be remembered by everyone forever. In order to make such pieces of jewellery, one must strongly understand the basics of jewellery making. It is possible to create good pieces of jewellery only when you know all the steps and techniques that are used in jewellery designing. If you are someone who has always been interested in making or designing jewellery, you should start today. Jewellery designing as a career is currently on the rise and many fashion institutes are offering detailed jewellery designing courses.


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