5 Types of Popular Knitted Fabrics

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Knit is a stretchy fabric, which is used for making beautiful clothes. This material is comfortable and comes in a wide range of colours and splendid prints and patterns. The best part about this drapery is that it suits all body shapes and sizes because of its elasticity.

Do you know the difference between the knit fabric and the woollen fabric? Well, a woven fabric is made by weaving in a criss-cross pattern whereas Knit fabrics are made by looping long lengths of a single yarn together. You can learn more about this at the Garment Creation courses online.

Most of the knit fabrics look alike. Spotting the difference between the two types of fabric can be difficult unless you gain some knowledge and expertise in the field. To solve your confusion, let’s have a look at the 5 types of knitted fabrics.

  1. Lace knits

This textile combines lace with the elasticity of the knit. This makes it one of the most beautiful fabrics used for making clothes. You can learn to make your own designs using this material at the Garment Creation courses.

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  1. Jersey Knit

Most of your dresses and t-shirts are made up of this fabric. The jersey knit is also made up of different fibres like the silk and wool. The two sides of the fabric are different- one side has a chain stitch and the other side has a purl stitch. This is mostly used in the Western Garment Creation process.

  1. Mesh Knits

This is a strong and open work knit which resembles the tulle fabric. It is lightweight and can be stretched. The interesting thing about this fabric is that it is available in a number of attractive prints.

  1. Sweater knits

Sweater knits are specially used for making sweaters. This fabric is carefully knit and are very comfortable to wear. The different textures build on this knit gives it a sheer look.

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  1. Handmade knit fabric

I’m sure all of you have seen mothers or grandmothers engaging in this art. This craft is so popular that many people pursue this as their hobby. This art is carried out with the help of knitting needles and yarn.

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