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5 Types of Jackets Every Woman Needs

We probably need jackets in almost every season. While sometimes we need it to protect ourselves from the winter or the rain, and sometimes just to enhance our look. Some jackets can be used throughout the year.

When was the last time you experimented with your wardrobe? There are a wide variety of jackets to wear for every season. With the changing trends, it has become important to have various types of jackets since each type does its own thing in making a difference to an outfit.

Trench Coat

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A trench coat is a classic piece of clothing every woman should own. The camel-coloured trench is as elegant and polished as it can get and matches with almost every outfit. A trench coat keeps you warm on a crisp fall evening and stylish on a breezy winter morning.

Leather Jacket

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Leather jackets come handy for those who want to wear something edgy and still keep it casual. They are a huge variety available and they look incredibly sexy – bet it zipped, buttoned, open or belted. Apart from black, a brown, red and grey are other equally stylish choices when it comes to a leather jacket.

Denim Jacket

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Denim jackets are serious fashion savers since they feature both comfort and style. They can literally be paired with any other outfit! Denim jackets not only gives the casual vibe but also keeps you cosy during the cold season. Also, it goes well with dresses, gowns, jeans and skirts alike!

Faux Fur Jacket

Though overcoats give you a stylish look, faux fur jackets let you stand out in the crowd! A student of fashion illustration would know, pink and blush are two of the most obvious choices of colours for faux-fur jackets. However, yellow, wine-red, and white colours look stylish and sophisticated as well.


An overcoat is nothing but the winter version of a trench coat. It is long, classy and stylish just like a trench coat, but it is thick enough to protect you from freezing winters. The best thing about an overcoat is that you can mix and match with any outfit! You can pair it with ankle-length boots or with a stylish woolen scarf.

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