5 Types of Folds An Illustrator Needs to Know

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Fashion illustration is an art in which all you need to do is sketch and present garments with all its features like colours, fabric type, prints, embroidery and of course, folds.

Folds are an integral part of any garment. These originate naturally depending upon the garment type. They may also be created while making designs on garments. Understanding the folds of a garment is important when you illustrate it. They give the garment the right look and beautiful effect. At fashion illustration classes, you can learn to create these in details.

When you learn Fashion Illustration online, the detailing is important for the quality of the sketch. This also increases its utility. The lines and curves that are used to create the garment on paper look complete only when the features are correctly depicted.

Here, we will look at the 5 types of folds that a Fashion Illustrator should know before making illustrations.

  • Pipe
    Pipe folds are found in semi-tubular shapes. The origin of the fabric is bunched together and the other end hangs free in a wavy pattern.
  • Spiral
    This fold forms when the sleeves are rolled up. The spiral is formed when the fabric wraps around in tubular form like the arm.
  • Drop
    Drops are formed simply by the way a fabric is hanging from a point. The folds depend on the fabric type, length, and origin.
  • Diaper
    This fold is formed when a fabric is hanging between two support points. The sagging fabric’s distance from the points, and the material decides the fold detail.
  • Half Lock
    This fold forms where the direction of flow of the fabric suddenly changes. This happens near the bends of the fabric. A typical example is of the fold formed at the knee.

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