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5 Trending Fabric Patterns

The trend of fabric patterns is ever-changing. No two patterns remain in trend consistently. You can now learn Textile Designing online and get to know ways of creating interesting, unique and in-the-trend fabric patterns.

A pattern is a repetition of an element or a motif. A fabric may have regular patterns or irregular & scattered designs all over the garment. Textile Design classes can be of great help if you want to be successful in this industry.

Here are five trending fabric patterns:

Bohemian Fabric Patterns

Bright colours are used in these prints. Also known as ‘boho prints’, they have gained popularity in recent times. These prints look best on kurtas and scarves.

Floral Patterns

This is a pattern which has floral motifs all over the fabric. You can wear a kurta with these prints for a comfortable and fresh summer look. You can even try floral-printed sarees for a stylish look.

Hawaaian Patterns

These patterns include Hawaaian cultural motifs of pineapple, sea, plants and so much more. Kurtas with these patterns are perfect to get a beachy summer vibe. Bright coloured scarves with such patterns look great with plain white salwar kameez.

Provencal Patterns

These are prints of Indian origin with abstract motifs. They mostly have rich-coloured flowers printed with a black outline. Chiffon sarees with this print look very stylish. Experts in Textile Designing recommend the use of provencal prints in Indian wear.

African Patterns

These are designs that are closely related to African culture. Also known as ‘Ankara patterns’, these are famous for their vibrant and bright colours. They mostly have tribal and natural motifs and look good on sarees.

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