5 Famous Types of Indian Jewellery Designs

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Jewellery Designing is a common practice in the Indian fashion industry as an important part of fashion designing. Indian jewellery designers make designs inspired by India’s vast culture. Firstly, Indian jewellery is loved and appreciated all around the world. Hence, the royal history and heritage of India has always taken jewellery designing very seriously, especially Indian jewellery makers.


Tourists who visit India have always been impressed by Indian jewellery designs because of how intricate and unique they are. Indian jewellery is usually heavy but in recent times, jewellery designers have been creating many fusion designs that are traditional with a modern touch. Jewellery designing is a constantly evolving art that has a vast potential to grow as a business. Traditional jewellery designs will always be in fashion in India. People love wearing Indian jewellery on special occasions like weddings, festivals and other traditional events. There are a few types of traditional Indian jewellery designs that are very popular among people, here is a list of 5 famous types of Indian jewellery.

Famous Types of Indian Jewellery Designs:

1.Kundan Jewellery

The Kundan style of jewellery is extremely famous in India. It has been worn by the women of India for the longest time. Kundan jewellery was first worn by the royals of India and was then passed on to other generations. The jewellery designing used in this type of jewellery is extremely intricate and involves a lot of details. Kundans are shiny stones that make jewellery pieces look more beautiful. Kundan jewellery designing is belongs to the Northern states of Indian but is common all across the country. Kundan jewellery sets come in various colours, shapes and sizes. If you go out looking for a Kundan jewellery piece in India, you will find a lot of options to pick from. Kundan jewellery pairs well with heavy Indian traditional wear.

kundan jewellery

Image Source: Panash India

2.Meenakari Jewellery Designing

The royals of Rajasthan created this form of jewellery designing in India. Even today, Meenakari jewellery designing is available very easily in the state of Rajasthan. Meenakari jewellery is colourful and elegant. Meenakari jewellery pieces are made using colour and gemstones on metal plated jewellery. This jewellery design is very famous in the Northern parts of India where women love to pair it up with traditional outfits. This type of jewellery desihning technique requires the use of enamel and hence looks very different from any other type of jewellery. Meenakari earrings are extensively loved and appreciated by women from across the country given their unique design and look.


Meenakari jewellery

Image Source: Nykaa

3.Polki Jewellery Designing

This is one of the most elegant type of Indian jewellery designs in which uses raw diamonds. The Mughals were responsible for bringing this in India. This type of jewellery designing is not available anywhere else around the world. Polki jewellery designing involves the use of uncut diamonds and gold. Apart from the gold and diamonds, many Polki jewellery pieces also use additional adornments like pearls and beads. The Polki style of jewellery gives out a very rich look. Since it has real diamonds, the designs are very intricate and delicate. Polki jewellery is also very famous among tourists who visit India and a lot of them are always keen on buying these unique pieces of jewellery when they visit the country.


polki jewellery

Image Source: ORRA

4.Pachchikam Jewellery Designing

This is one style of Indian jewellery that was very popular with the British. The Pachchikam jewellery style originated in the state of Gujarat but is now famous all across the country. The jewellery designing used in making this type of jewellery is very fragile and delicate. Like the Kundan style of jewellery, this jewellery designing style also uses gemstones and adornments. Pachchikam jewellery pieces give out a 3 D look that creates a very grand looking piece of jewellery. This type of jewellery style is very similar to the type of jewellery designing practices in Jaipur. But the Pachchikam style of jewellery is easily identifiable since the shape of it is very different from the Kundan style of jewellery. This type of jewellery goes best with heavy traditional outfits.

pachchikam jewellery

Image Source: Pinterest


In this form of jewellery, gemstones, diamonds and pearls are present inside the metal. Jewellery designing used in the jadau style of jewellery, involves the inlay of adornments inside various metals while creating beautiful pattens. Compared to any other form of Indian jewellery, the Jadau jewellery type uses a greater number of pearls when compared to diamonds or gemstones.  This type of jewellery is more famous in the state of Maharashtra. The Jadau jewellery was also a part of the Mughal outfits when the ruled different states of India. After the Mughals left the country, many locals from different parts of the country continued to design and wear this type of jewellery.


jadau jewellery

Image Source: YouTube

So, the vast difference in Indian culture can easily be understood by looking at the various types of jewellery produced in India. If you are someone who is a big fan of Indian jewellery, then now is the time for you to start learning how to create good jewellery designs. Hunar Online Courses is a platform that offers jewellery making and jewellery designing courses. Hence, Hunar Online provides certificates after completing your course that are sure to help you start your own business. For all courses, Hunar Online provides sessions with experts who are available 24/7 to clarify your doubts and help you every step of the way.

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