5 Best Collar Designs You Can Use in Saree Blouse Making!

Saree Blouse Making

Saree is a timeless outfit, which suits women of all shapes and sizes beautifully. From traditional-crafted to designer ones, women choose one depending on the occasion. A perfectly complementing blouse is very important to complete the look. With the changing fashion preferences, the choice of a saree blouse has also changed. Over the years fashion designers have come up with many beautiful designs of saree blouses. Some blouse designs have been in trend for a long time and some were only seasonal fashion.

The fashion of collar neck blouses became a trend a long time ago and are still loved by many. Although backless blouse and sleeveless blouse are in trend, not everyone is comfortable to show their skin. If you are one among them, here are some collar neck blouse design that are popular in the Saree Blouse Designing Courses Online. These amazing blouse designs will make you fall in love with them. Check them out:

1.Peter Pan Collar Saree Blouse

Peter Pan collar saree blouse design is youthful and fun to wear. Whether it’s a cotton saree or a silk saree, this neck blouse design goes perfectly with all types of sarees.

This neck blouse design is ideal for evening parties. You can learn to design various types of collared saree blouses with Garment Making Course of Hunar Online.

2.Flat style collar blouse pattern

Collar necks have always been the top choice for formal occasions. However, people don’t find them suitable for parties or weddings. Now you can beautify the collars of these blouses and give them a trendy touch with Saree Blouse Making Classes Online.

flat style collar saree blouse

Image Source- Utsav Fashion

 3.Collared blouse with a semi sheer neckline

A sheer net neckline blouse along with a beautiful designer saree is a perfect outfit for weddings. To add glamour to this blouse, the Blouse Designing Courses Online will suggest you to add some kundan or stone embellishments on the net area or on the collar borders.

4.Shirt Style Blouse with Ruffle Sleeves

Ruffles have been in trend lately and adding ruffle sleeves to your saree blouse is a delight to our eyes. The elegance of a blouse can be increased manifold if it has a shirt style collar. Wear this blouse with a floral print saree and big oxidised earrings. Pull up your hair in a bun and you are ready to rock any event.

Learn to make designer saree blouses with Hunar Online’s Garment Making Course from the comfort of your home.

shirt style saree blouse with ruffle sleeves

Image Source- Tikli

5.Cold Shoulder Collar Blouse

Lately cold shoulder design has been trending a lot. Mix it with a collar blouse and get an amazing designer saree blouse. A cold shoulder collar saree blouse is perfect for festivals, evening parties and weddings. If you have a perfectly toned shoulder then this blouse design is perfect for you. An embroidered cold shoulder collar neck blouse design will go perfectly with plain sarees.

Now learn about designer saree blouses and learn to create them at your home with Hunar Online.

cold shoulder collar saree blouse

Image Source- Bling Sparkle

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