5 Basic Makeup Techniques Every Woman Must Know

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Many women refrain from using makeup because they think it’s time-consuming and tiring. With some basic makeup techniques, you can now glam up your every day.

To help you get started on your journey with makeup, we have some exciting makeup tips from our experts.

A perfect makeup does not need to be difficult. With the Fashion Styling Course Online, you will learn several ways of applying makeup with ease. Here are the five basic techniques which you must know.

Read this blog to know some makeup tips for beginners.

Don’t Use the Concealer As A Base

Always remember that using concealers under the eyes and on the eyelids as a base will cause the skin to crease. It will give a dry look to your under eye area. Always use a concealer that doesn’t crease up.

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Apply Moisturiser

While you apply makeup, don’t forget to hydrate your skin. Moisturise your skin before applying makeup. It helps in keeping the skin healthy and supple. If you have dry & sensitive skin, you should use oil-based moisturisers and oily skin types should opt for water-based moisturisers. This would prevent the clogging of pores.

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Apply Foundation Evenly

A foundation helps to even out the skin tone without making it look unnaturally bright. Put some foundation on your hand and apply it on your face using a brush. Then use a sponge to blend it evenly on your face.

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Sweep a Single-Colour Eyeshadow

For a simple eye makeup, sweep a soft colour eyeshadow across the eyelid. You can try dull pink or nude eyeshades. If you are not very comfortable in applying eyeshadows, try coloured eyeliners. They will give an attractive appearance to your makeup. Stylist Courses can teach you these basic makeup techniques.

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Colour the Lips

Before applying makeup on the lips, use an old toothbrush to scrub away dead skin from the lips. Moisturise the lips by using a balm. Always remember to choose a lip colour that can complement your look. You can use a lip liner to give shape and define the lips.

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The simple makeup tip is going for a minimal look! Moisturise well for a dewy look, use liquid blush, cream contour and highlighter! Also add a gloss to finish the look!

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