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5 Art Varieties Seen on Saree Borders

A saree is one such attire that gives an elegant look to women of all ages. It is rightly known as 9 yards of magical elegance. India is home to a huge variety of sarees. Each region in India produces a different variation that reflects cultural diversity.

However, irrespective of the type of the saree, there is one element which stands out to compliment the overall look: the saree border. Sometimes, women even prefer to buy saree border separately. The borders are filled with artistic works of different types.

Check out the 5 major types of saree borders:

Gota Patti Saree Border

Gota Patti is the pride of Rajasthan which is well-suited for grand occasions and weddings. When used on saree borders, they look fabulous irrespective of bright or dark colours.

Mirror Work Saree Border

Mirror work is a prominent artwork which is very often related to the Banjara style. This art is applied to a saree border. It works brilliantly well with plain sarees without being visually overwhelming.

Floral Saree Border

Floral saree border is one of the most trending & artsy styles. This style does great with light floral embroidery work.

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Scallop Saree Border

Scallop saree border looks great on a net saree and can make anyone look gorgeous. This style of saree border is ideal for a wedding.

Velvet Saree Border

Saree borders for velvet sarees have a lot of variety and are wonderful. It fits perfectly for weddings and high profile parties.

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