4 Ways to Draw Folds & Ruffles in Computer-Aided Fashion Design

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Designing starts with simple shapes and easy-to-create ideas. Once you know how to begin as a digital artist, it will be easier to draw folds and ruffles on software designing tools. At Fashion CAD Courses, you can learn tips and tricks to start your digital art.

Here are few basic steps that you need to follow when designing in the software:

Fabric Movement

When it comes to designing fabric digitally, one of the first things you need to consider is how they look on the human body. Before designing, take a look at the fabric and how they fold in reality. This will help in determining the light and shadow effect on digital art.

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Start with Basic Shapes

When you are designing, it is best to start with basic symmetrical shapes and designs. Even if the design is not symmetrical, you need to give it a start unless you excel at it. CAD Fashion Design is the easiest way to learn digital art.

Drawing Ruffles and Frills

Before adding shapes, you need to know how to draw the additional ruffles and frills. These will help you when you start designing. Underneath the baseline, draw a curve, by adding a wiggly line of a similar shape. Add more lines on the fabric to form more ruffles. Computer Fashion Design gives you the scope of practical knowledge of fabric designing.

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Drawing Buttons

Buttons come in all shapes and sizes, but they all follow the same idea when it comes to digital designing. You can start by designing the shape. Some buttons have small holes, while others have a small loop at the back to attach them. Add another part of a circle outside the original button shape to give a 3D effect.

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