4 Types of Mirror Work in Apparel Designing

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Mirror or shisha work adds a shine to your outfit and gives it a royal look. It is an affordable and easy way to get ready for a glamorous event. You can use this design for both traditional and trendy garments.

Mirror work comes in various shapes, which are fixed on the fabric through embroidery. Learn the art of using decorative embellishments in Apparel Designing Courses.

Here are a few most commonly used mirror works:

Frame for the Mirror

To make the frame, coil the embroidery thread on the mirror three to four times, easing the coil gently from your fingers. Then insert six strands of embroidery thread on the needle, making blanket stitches around the thread ring. When one round is complete, add more on top to increase the width of the frame. You can keep this frame on top of the mirror using small stitches to attach the frame on the fabric.

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Star Stitch

It is one of the easiest embroideries used to attach the mirror with fabric. A star-shaped stitch is made above the mirror. Add more stitches in this shape to get more width. With this type of embroidery, the mirror surface looks mostly covered. Enrol in Apparel Design Colleges for more information.

Triangular frame Stitches

It is another way of using embroidery for mirror work. Two triangles are formed across the mirror. They are first stitched in a triangular form; you can then add two more parallel lines on top of the triangles. When one round is complete add more on top of the stitches for more width. Many Apparel Design Schools also teach these designing techniques.

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Anchor with Chain Stitch

The first layer of the chain stitch is done around the mirror, then another chain stitch layer is done above it. Continue making the chain stitches around the mirror until it is fixed on the fabric. Plastic mirrors are mostly attached in this way.

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