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Fashion Sketches – Types of Illustrations You Can Use for Clothes Design

Fashion Illustration is the art of communicating your fashion ideas on paper. It is the visualisation of ideas that explains the fashion design that a designer has in his or her mind. The designer creates the blueprint of the dress illustration so that the final outcome can be created with the help of that illustration. The clothes design plays a major role in the fashion industry and if you want to become a Fashion Designer, this is a basic skill you need to master. The dress illustration created by the designer is depicted on a fashion model in a fashion show. Every designer designs fashion with the help of fashion illustration. It is the base of fashion designing, therefore, every fashion designer should know about it.

You can illustrate your design on paper or digitally with the help of a computer system. You draw a fashion model and depict your dress illustration and everything you want to add with it.

You can learn Fashion Illustration and start your career in this field. Here are different types of fashion illustrations that every fashion designer must know:

1.Pencil Illustrations

Pencil Illustration is an age-old technique used in illustration. It allows you to create sharp and accurate lines with soft shadows and transitions. An illustrator can sketch a rough draft with a pencil and later complete the design with another material. If you choose pencil illustration to draw your design then you must have a good understanding of different types of pencils and the purpose of each pencil. One can make use of graphite pencils or coloured pencils to create unique and stunning illustrations.

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pencil fashion illustration

Image Source- Fiverr

2.Charcoal Illustrations

Charcoal lets the illustrator create a range of textures, representing shadows, people, or nature. Artists use their fingers to blend the soft material and create smooth sketches. The best part about using charcoal for illustration is that it blends very nicely and can be used for creating beautiful effects and shadows.

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3. Watercolor Illustrations

Colour pigments are used to create shades and different designs by adding water to the colour. The prints are usually soft, airy and have a lot of depth. The use of water colour in illustration is an effective way to depict the details and the depth of the clothes design. The use of light and airy shades can create beautiful watercolor illustrations.

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watercolor fashion illustration

Image Source- Pinterest

4. Gouache Illustrations

This offers rich, thicker and darker shades than water colours and can be altered years later. This is similar to watercolor illustrations but it is modified to make it opaque. Using gouache is in-demand for its speed as the paint layer dries easily.

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gouache fashion illustration

Image Source- Jessica Singh

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