4 Trending Tie & Dye Techniques You Must Know

Trending Tie & Dye Techniques

The art of mixing colours to create a beautiful pattern on a garment is what tie & dye is all about. Earlier, this technique was used on traditional garments like kurtis and dupattas. If you have been to a Textile Design school, you will know that you can even make Western garments.

Have you ever wondered what is the techniques used in these garments? Let’s learn the popular ones.

Crumple Tie & Dye

  • Crumple Tie _ Dye

To do this, crumple the garment with your fingers and apply colour for dyeing. Don’t forget to use warm water. If you want to learn this technique in details, a Textile Design course is exactly what you need.

Stripes Tie & Dye

  • Stripes Tie _ Dye

To get these amazing vertical stripes, you need to fold the garment horizontally. Fold it as many times you want to get as many stripes you want. Then tie it with a rubber band and add the desired colour to it.

Spiral Tie & Dye

  • Spiral Tie _ Dye

In this technique, you need to twist and turn your outfit to get the spiral effect. Then tie it with a rubber band and add different colours. You can try different patterns with this technique. To learn more, enrol in our Embroidery Designing course.

Sunburst Tie & Dye

Through this technique, add splashes or bursts of colours on your garment. Use one colour for the bursts and another colour for the rest of the garment. You will be amazed to see how it turns out.

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