4 Tips for Fashion Illustration


Fashion Illustration has a long history as a visual reference of the current fashion trends in clothes and accessories. This is very helpful for a fashion designer and saves a lot of time. These illustrations can be easily edited and re-designed according to the needs.

You can Learn Fashion Illustration and start your career in fashion designing. Here are four tips for fashion illustration.

Differentiate between Fabrics with Texture

The illustrator can show the weight and texture of a fabric in their drawing. The viewers should understand what garment they are seeing. It could be a purple dress, but it’s fabric can only be determined if the illustration demonstrates it well.

Make Patterns

Simple pieces can be made interesting if surface designs are used. Patterns can also tell stories in their own right. Hounds tooth and chevrons are classic patterns that may show the current fashion trends.

Understand Perspective

Understanding how objects exist within a space can help illustrate them in a correct way. This could be helpful when you are illustrating accessories. Draw them in a way so that people feel connected to the object and can understand its shape and size. You can Learn Fashion Illustration Online and get skilled from the comfort of your home.

Style Hair Carefully

Hairstyles, colour and texture can do a lot to an overall design. Consider the way in which culture can affect the types of hairstyles a figure could wear.  Not only you will be telling a story about who the person is or where they are from, but you’ll also be styling the hair of that figure.

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