4 Steps Used For Making Beautiful Mirror Embroidery

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In the olden days, to make a dress dazzle and stand out, people from the royal families wore garments with gold, silver or diamonds attached to it. But now-a-days, these metals are only used as jewellery pieces. Materials used to make outfits brighter have seen a great innovation recently.

These days, instead of using these precious materials, people use mirror embroidery. This beautiful hand-crafted design is in-demand and a lot of Apparel Design Courses Online teach you different ways of using this to craft wedding outfits!

Here are 4 steps through which you can use mirror embroidery for your garments:

1. The Foundation Stitch

According to the lessons given at the Apparel Design Colleges, the foundation stitch is the basic step used in mirror embroidery. All you have to do is place the piece of glass on the cloth and stitch it accordingly. Make squares on the mirror using the needle & thread. Once you are done with the first square, stitch a second square on top of the first.

2. The Decorative Stitch

The decorative stitch is the next step in mirror embroidery. For this, you have to start by stitching from around the edge, pass the needle over the foundation stitches and back into the fabric. This traditional mirror embroidery is done using a type of buttonhole stitch. The Apparel Designing Courses will teach you easy ways of making these stitches.

3. The Final Stitch

After you are done with the decorative stitch, your mirror embroidery is almost ready. To prevent the mirror from coming out easily, the final stitch is necessary. The chain stitch and the buttonhole stitch is used in this step.

4. Stitch to Enhance The Cloth 

After you are done fixing the mirror, you can add more decorative stitches to enhance the look of the fabric. Different types of chain stitches or other traditional stitches with petals are some of the ways through which you can add-on to the beauty of your mirror embroidery.  

Mirror embroidery is an affordable and easy way of adding glamour to your dresses. Apart from these easy methods, there are other ways of attaching mirror to your outfits. If you’re interested in learning about all of them, consider joining Hamstech Online’s creative Textile Design Courses and get a government-recognised certificate from NSDC.

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